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Furnley house

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Furnely House are financial planners. They provide investment advice, financial planning and management for individuals, families and businesses.


When Furnley House contacted us, they were looking for a local design and print supplier to whom they could outsource the printing of their marketing collateral.

What we have done

Over the years, we have worked with Furnley House on many occasions. We regularly print marketing collateral, such as posters, invites and flyers, for their Furnley House Foundation events. And have also helped them with collateral for their recent re-brand and sigange for their new offices.


Chris, Hannah and the team are incredibly professional and have helped Furnley House with our recent re-brand. The team are efficient and provide great advice. Our new collateral looks exciting and modern and we couldn't have done it without the help of Soar Valley Press.

Find out more about Furnley House

To find out more about Furnley House and their work, click here.

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Our money-back guarantee

Many people find sourcing high-quality design and print a difficult process. From tight deadlines to difficulty deciding on the results that they want to achieve. We understand that process can be stressful.

We reassure our clients with clear proposals and demonstrate a willingness to meet our client’s tight deadlines with no added stress. So that they can grow their business and exceed their marketing goals.

Email us at to find out more. We're always ready to get the conversation started.

We are totally committed to ensuring you are completely happy with the products and services that we supply. We will strive to ensure you have a positive experience and work hard to fully resolve any issues you may have.


We offer a full refund or reprint if we are not able to deliver what we promise in our proposal. 

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