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10 Top Tips for an Effective Company Brochure that Sells

With many marketers focusing their attention on digital and social media marketing, creating a printed company brochure could help you stand out in a crowded market.

Ensuring your business brochure is designed well will ensure it demands your prospects attention.

To help you create your company brochure, we have compiled a list of our top tips for an effective brochure that sells.

Person Holding a Branded Merchandise Brochure

1. Keep it Simple

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple brochure design. If your company brochure has too much going on, it will feel overcrowded and overwhelm your readers.

Embracing negative space will help you draw attention to the information that you want to highlight. And limiting your text, images and other design elements will make it simple for your audience to digest your information. Keeping your booklet design clean and uncomplicated will ensure your prospects take notice.

2. Consider the purpose of your company brochure.

As with any print marketing campaign, it is always important to consider your goals. Is the purpose of your brochure to increase your brand awareness? To generate more sales? Or maybe it is to be used in conjunction with your next virtual event?.

Whatever the purpose of your marketing brochure, it is always important to keep your end goal in mind. Write your marketing copy in response to what your audience will need to know to fulfil your goals.

3. Put your readers first.

Home Living Product Catalogue

When considering your product brochure design, it is always important to do your research and put your target audience first.

When writing copy for your printed company brochure, ask yourself the following questions:

- What are my target audience's pain points?

- How can I help solve their pain points?

- What would convince them to buy my products over my competitors.

- What is my USP?

- What are the benefits of my products/services?

The answers to these questions are the messages you should lead within your brochure's copy.

4. Ensure your branding is consistent.

Your brand should be represented consistently across all of your marketing collateral. Including your sales brochure. Ensuring your branding is consistent involves using the same:

- Colour palette.

- Language.

- Fonts.

- Logo.

- Slogan.

- Design style.

By ensuring your corporate brochure resembles your brand, you obtain a consistent presence. Helping you increase your brand exposure.

A great example of a consistent brand is McDonald's, who consistently reinforce their brand at every opportunity. Their famous logo is repeated throughout their marketing materials, creating a memorable and recognisable brand.

5. Include a clear call to action (CTA).

Company Magazine

Adding CTA’s to your company brochure design can help your reader understand what they need to do next. Whether that be visiting your website, getting in contact with you or placing an order.

Some great examples of CTAs that you could use in your booklet include:

- Visit our website at

- Call us on 0116 259 9955 for a free consultation.

- Place your order today.

6. Include testimonials.

Social proof is one of the most effective forms of marketing. 70% of people will trust a recommendation from somebody that they don’t know (Nielson).

Including a quote from your customers in your company booklet is a great way to demonstrate an unbiased view of the products/services you offer.

7. Use high-quality paper for your brochure.

The quality of your brochure will set the tone for the perceived quality of your products and services.

Choosing a high-quality paper will help your company brochure stand out. Opting for 150 - 200gsm for your inner paper stock is a great way to show you care for your brand.

If you need help choosing the right paper stock for your brochure, get in contact with our team of experts for free advice.

8. Experiment with unique finishing options.

The tactile nature of print is something you should take advantage of when designing your company marketing booklet.

Corporate brochures that appeal to the senses of your audience have been shown to increase customer recall and are far more likely to be kept by prospects.

Using special finishing techniques such as spot UV, foiling, embossing or soft-touch lamination is a great way to appeal to your customer's senses.

9. Integrate your online and offline marketing.

Integrating your digital and print marketing is one of the best ways for your company brochure to be effective.

The two mediums have a range of different advantages that when used together can create great results for your marketing brochure.

One of the best ways of achieving such results is through QR codes. A QR code is a code that brings your prospects directly to your website or a landing page. Making it simple for them to find out any additional information they need to make a purchase.

Printing QR codes in your marketing brochure is a great way to maximise space and to take your prospects online.

10. Make a point.

Wire Bound Brochure

Your company marketing brochure only has seconds to make the right first impression, making grabbing your recipient’s attention vital.

Consider opting for clear subject headlines that address exactly what you can do for your customers and how you solve their problems.

Potential ideas for striking headlines include:

- Highlighting the biggest benefit you can bring to your clients.

- Using the words ‘how’ or ‘how to’ to show your content will be useful.

- Drawing attention to an exclusive brochure offer.

- Asking a simple question that you know your prospects will want the answer to.

Brainstorming ideas and ensuring your copy is just right is key to making sure your corporate brochure makes a big impression.

Find Out More

Creating a company brochure is a fantastic way to build your brand and attract new customers.

If you are ready to get your business noticed with a brand new printed company brochure, we can help you with every step of the process; from design to choosing your brochure format and paper stock to printing your final product.

Contact us today by calling 0116 259 9955 or email to enquire about booklet and brochure design and printing service.

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