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4 ways to brilliant results with direct mail

We’ve always believed that Print is a crucial means of getting your message across, and we read with interest the findings of a recent survey from MarketReach, which confirms this. MarketReach examined what happens when post becomes valuable to a recipient and found that valued mail generates a strong incentive to act in the recipients.

What makes your direct mail valuable to the recipients?

Making mail valuable is all about personalisation and relevance. By utilising relevant personal data and targeting accordingly, your mail shots can get the most impact. People value something they can see and touch 24% more highly than something they can only see.

Researchers found that out of what is considered as valuable mail, 92% of respondents had an emotional response to such mail, and 92% of them took action as a result. Nearly half, 42% purchased, renewed or donated. The mail also prompted indirect action: 37% decided to search for more information online, 33% discussed the mail with others, 29% planned a future purchase, 18% recommended the brand to friends or family, 7% posted a positive message on social media and 6% downloaded an app. A total of 73% kept the post they received for future reference.

Direct Mail is important to be utilised as part of a multi-channel campaign, and the overall results will be better if you include Direct Mail in the mix.

So, how do you create valuable Direct Mail items?

Follow our 4 tips for great results to create valued mailings:

It needs to contain useful information Valued mail contains information that keeps customers up to date, tells them something new and explains what, if anything, they need to do. 44% of people feel better informed by mail they value.

It should make you think Valued mail makes people consider – or reconsider – their perceptions about the brand or product and its relevance to them. 57% of people who received mail they valued felt more positively about the brand that sent it.

It needs to create feelings Valued mail creates real feelings. Some are personal, some are purely transactional and some arise due to the relationship between the recipient and the sender. 45% of people feel happy when they receive mail they value.

It should lead to action Perhaps most importantly of all; valued mail drives actions that create commercial value for the advertiser. Valued mail engages customers’ on a personal level because they either already had a relationship with the brand, or because they received mail that was timely or relevant. 92% act on mail they value.

We can help guide you through all these points to create a valuable piece of Direct Mail. Call us now on 0116 259 9955 to discuss your requirements.

Source: Royal Mail MarketReach, Valued Mail, Quadrangle. #directmail #marketing #personalised #letters

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