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A to Z of Printed Products

The range of printed items is vast. It is not an exhaustive list but here we have created an A-Z list of some printed products


Annual Report: A comprehensive document summarizing a company's performance, achievements, and financials over a year.

Adhesive Labels: Stickers with adhesive backing used for branding or product labeling.

Appointment Cards: Small cards to remind clients of upcoming appointments and provide contact information.

Art Prints: High-quality reproductions of artworks, photographs, or illustrations for decorative purposes.

Award Certificates: Recognitions of achievement, often printed on special paper and framed.

Advertising Inserts: Printed materials inserted into newspapers, magazines, or mail to promote products or events.

Address Labels: Labels with recipient addresses for easy mailing and organizing.

Announcement Cards: Cards used for special occasions like weddings, births, or graduations.

Activity Books: Interactive printed booklets for children with puzzles, coloring pages, and games.

Annual Calendars: Yearly planners featuring 12 months with customized designs or photographs.

Admission Tickets: Printed passes for entry to events, concerts, or theaters.

Artbooks: Printed collections of artworks from a particular artist or art movement.

Aprons: Personalized aprons with printed logos, designs, or messages for promotional purposes or gifting.

Acrylic Prints: Photos printed directly on acrylic for a modern and sleek display.

Advertising Postcards: Eye-catching postcards used to promote products, services, or events.

Activity Sheets: Printed sheets with educational or entertainment activities for kids.

Annual Planners: Yearly planners with space for notes, appointments, and reminders.

Art Posters: Large prints of artworks for decorative purposes or exhibitions.

Architectural Drawings: Technical drawings used in the construction or renovation of buildings.


Brochures: Foldable printed materials used to promote products, services, or events.

Bookmarks: Printed strips used to mark pages in books, often with decorative designs or quotes.

Booklets: Small printed books with informative content, often used for manuals or event programs.

Business Forms: Printed sheets with pre-designed fields for recording business transactions or data.

Business Stationery: Customized paper, envelopes, and notepads representing a company's brand identity.

Business Folders: Printed folders used for organizing and presenting documents in a professional manner.

Book Covers: Protective covers printed for books to showcase the title and artwork.

Beverage Coasters: Printed coasters used to protect surfaces and promote brands at bars or events.

Backlit Posters: Posters with a translucent surface, lit from behind to create an eye-catching effect.

Backdrops: Large printed backgrounds used for photography, events, or stage performances.

Billboard Posters: Extra-large outdoor posters for high-impact advertising.

Button Badges: Small printed badges with pins used for promotions or identification.

Banners: Large printed signs with eye-catching designs used for advertising or events.

Brand Manuals: Printed guides outlining brand guidelines for consistency in marketing materials.

Branded Packaging: Printed packaging for products with customized designs representing the brand.

Birthday Cards: Greeting cards with birthday-related designs and messages for celebrations.

Baby Shower Invitations: Printed invitations for welcoming a new baby, featuring cute and themed designs.

Bag Inserts: Printed promotional materials inserted into shopping bags to promote products or sales.

Beer Mats: Printed coasters found in bars or pubs with beer brand logos or creative designs.


Calendars: Printed monthly or yearly schedules, often featuring images or artwork.

Canvas Prints: Photos or artwork printed on canvas material for wall display.

Catalogues: Printed publications showcasing a company's products and services.

Christmas Cards: Greeting cards exchanged during the holiday season, often featuring festive designs.

Coupons: Printed vouchers offering discounts or special offers for products or services.

Coffee Table Books: Large, visually appealing books, often featuring photography or art, designed for display on coffee tables.

Corporate Reports: Comprehensive printed documents outlining a company's financial status and achievements.

Car Wraps: Large printed vinyl graphics applied to vehicles for advertising purposes.

Custom Wallpaper: Personalized wallpaper printed with specific designs or patterns.

Certificates of Achievement: Printed awards acknowledging specific accomplishments or milestones.

Catalogue Mailers: Printed materials sent through mail to showcase products or sales.

Conference Materials: Printed materials used during conferences, including brochures, schedules, and name tags.

Cup Sleeves: Cardboard sleeves placed around cups to insulate and promote brands.

Custom Labels: Printed stickers with unique designs used for branding or product identification.

Coiled Notebooks: Spiral-bound notebooks with printed covers, often used for taking notes.

Correx Signs: Rigid printed signs made from corrugated material, suitable for outdoor use.

Counter Cards: Freestanding printed cards used for promotions on store counters or display tables.

Custom T-Shirts: T-shirts with printed designs or logos, often used for marketing or team events.


Direct Mail Postcards: Postcards used in targeted marketing campaigns sent directly to recipients.

Desk Calendars: Small printed calendars designed for placement on desks or tables.

Die-Cut Stickers: Printed stickers with unique shapes or cutouts.

Digital Prints: High-quality prints produced from digital files or images.

Decals: Printed stickers used for various applications, such as vehicle decals or wall decals.

Door Hangers: Printed promotional materials hung on doorknobs to reach potential customers.

Desktop Planners: Printed planners for organizing daily tasks and schedules on desks.

Die-Cut Business Cards: Business cards with custom shapes or cut edges for a unique look.

Desk Pads: Printed paper pads used as writing surfaces on desks.

Die-Cut Packaging: Custom-shaped printed packaging with intricate cutouts or designs.

Drink Coasters: Printed coasters used to protect surfaces and promote brands in bars or restaurants.

Data Sheets: Printed informational sheets providing details about products or services.

Display Boards: Printed boards used for exhibits, presentations, or trade shows.

Display Banners: Large printed banners used for promotional displays at events or retail stores.

Die-Cut Greeting Cards: Greeting cards with unique shapes or cutout designs for special occasions.


Event Programs: Printed booklets providing details and schedules for events or performances.

Exhibition Posters: Posters promoting art exhibitions, trade shows, or events.

Employee ID Badges: Identification cards with printed employee information and photos.

Engraved Awards: Printed or engraved awards used for winners or recognition.

Eco-Friendly Packaging: Printed packaging made from sustainable materials to reduce environmental impact.

Embroidered Apparel: Clothing with printed or embroidered logos or designs for branding.

Event Tickets: Printed tickets used for entry to concerts, sports events, or shows.

Election Flyers: Printed campaign materials used in political campaigns.

Envelope Mailers: Printed envelopes used for direct mail marketing campaigns.

Exhibition Catalogs: Printed catalogs showcasing artworks or exhibits in galleries or museums.

Employee Handbooks: Printed guides outlining company policies and procedures for employees.

Event Wristbands: Printed wristbands used for access control at events or festivals.

Embossed Business Cards: Business cards with raised designs or logos for a sophisticated look.

Exhibition Banners: Large printed banners promoting exhibits or trade show booths.

Educational Brochures: Printed brochures providing information on educational programs or institutions.

Exhibition Flyers: Printed materials promoting upcoming exhibitions or events.


Flyers: Printed single-page materials used for advertising, promotions, or events.

Folded Leaflets: Printed brochures or pamphlets with multiple panels or folds.

Food Menus: Printed menus for restaurants or cafes showcasing food and beverage options.

Fine Art Prints: High-quality reproductions of artwork on archival paper or canvas.

Fabric Banners: Printed banners made from fabric material, suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Floor Graphics: Printed graphics applied to floors for advertising or wayfinding purposes.

Financial Reports: Printed documents providing financial data and analysis for businesses or investors.

Foil Stamped Cards: Printed cards with metallic foil accents for an elegant finish.

Fridge Magnets: Printed magnets used for decoration and branding on refrigerators.

Flags: Printed flags with logos or designs used for branding or advertising events.

Folders with Pockets: Printed folders with interior pockets for holding documents or materials.

Fabric Wall Hangings: Printed fabric panels used for decorative wall displays.

Foil Stickers: Printed stickers with metallic foil accents for a premium look.

Fundraising Brochures: Printed materials used to promote and support fundraising campaigns.

Food Packaging Labels: Printed labels providing information and branding on food packaging.

Foil Business Cards: Business cards with metallic foil elements for a luxurious appearance.


Gift Tags: Printed tags attached to gifts, often with personalized messages.

Greeting Cards: Printed cards used to convey sentiments and well wishes on various occasions.

Glossy Flyers: Flyers with a glossy finish, enhancing the vibrancy of colors and images.

Guest Books: Printed books for guests to sign and leave messages at events or establishments.

Giant Posters: Oversized posters used for impactful visual displays.

Glass Decals: Printed decals applied to glass surfaces for decoration or promotion.

Giclee Prints: High-quality art prints produced using specialized inkjet printers.

Gift Certificates: Printed vouchers used as gifts or rewards for specific products or services.

Guest Passes: Printed passes granting temporary access to events, facilities, or venues.

Golf Scorecards: Printed cards used to record scores during golf games.

Glassware Printing: Printed designs on glassware items, such as cups, mugs, and bottles.


Hardcover Books: Printed books with sturdy covers for durability and protection.

Hotel Brochures: Printed materials showcasing amenities, services, and accommodations.

Hoodies: Sweatshirts with printed designs or logos, often used for branding or merchandise.

Hanging Banners: Banners with attachments for hanging, often used for event signage.

Health Pamphlets: Printed materials providing information on health and wellness topics.

Hygiene Posters: Printed posters promoting hygiene practices in public spaces.

Hanging Signs: Printed signs suspended from ceilings or fixtures for visibility.

Hotel Key Cards: Printed cards granting access to hotel rooms or facilities.

Hardcover Journals: Journals with printed hard covers, often used for writing and sketching.

Hat Printing: Printed designs on hats or caps, often used for promotional merchandise.

Humorous Cards: Printed cards with funny messages or designs for humor and amusement.

Header Cards: Printed cards used as headers for packaging or displays.

Health Labels: Printed labels on products providing health-related information.


Invitations: Printed requests for attendance at events, parties, or gatherings.

Indoor Banners: Printed banners intended for indoor use, often for promotions or events.

ID Cards: Printed cards used to verify identity, often for employees or students.

Informational Flyers: Flyers containing detailed information about a topic, product, or service.

Illustration Prints: Prints featuring artistic illustrations, often for decorative purposes.

In-Store Signage: Printed signs used within retail stores for promotions and information.

Infographics: Printed visual representations of data and information.

Instruction Manuals: Printed guides providing instructions for using products or assembling items.

Invoices: Printed documents requesting payment for goods or services rendered.

Indoor Posters: Posters designed for display indoors, often for advertising or decoration.

Index Cards: Printed cards used for note-taking, study aids, or organization.

Informational Brochures: Printed materials providing information about a specific topic.

Interactive Books: Printed books with interactive elements, such as pop-ups or puzzles.

Insurance Documents: Printed materials outlining insurance policies and coverage details.

Identification Labels: Printed labels used to identify items, products, or equipment.

Invoices and Receipts: Printed documents acknowledging payment for products or services.


Jigsaw Puzzles: Printed puzzles featuring images or designs that need to be assembled.

Jewelry Cards: Printed cards used to display and package jewelry items.

Journal Booklets: Printed booklets used for journaling, note-taking, or sketching.

Jute Bags: Eco-friendly bags made from jute material with printed designs.


Key Tags: Printed tags often attached to keys for identification or branding.

Kraft Paper Packaging: Printed packaging made from natural and eco-friendly kraft paper.

Kid's Activity Books: Printed booklets with activities, puzzles, and coloring pages for children.

Keepsake Cards: Printed cards with sentimental messages or designs for special occasions.

Keychains with Print: Keychains featuring printed designs, logos, or images.

Kiosk Graphics: Printed graphics for interactive kiosks or information stations.

Kraft Envelopes: Envelopes made from kraft paper material, often used for natural or rustic designs.


Letterheads: Printed stationery with company logos and information for official correspondence.

Labels: Printed adhesive stickers used for branding, organization, and product identification.

Lanyards: Straps worn around the neck with printed designs, often used for badges or IDs.

Leaflets: Printed promotional materials containing information about products or events.

Lawn Signs: Printed signs displayed on lawns for advertising, political campaigns, or events.

Loyalty Cards: Printed cards offering rewards or discounts to loyal customers.

Luxury Brochures: High-quality printed brochures often used for luxury brands or high-end products.

Large Format Prints: Oversized prints used for banners, posters, and signage.

Lightbox Graphics: Printed graphics used in lightboxes for illuminated displays.

Logo Stickers: Stickers with printed company logos used for branding and promotion.

Laptop Stickers: Stickers with printed designs for personalizing laptops and devices.

Lenticular Prints: Printed images that create a 3D or animated effect when viewed from different angles.

Literature Racks: Printed racks used for displaying brochures, pamphlets, or magazines.

Legal Documents: Printed documents used for legal agreements, contracts, or regulations.

Luggage Tags: Printed tags attached to luggage for identification during travel.

Laser-Cut Invitations: Invitations with intricate designs or cutouts created using laser technology.


Magazines: Printed periodicals containing articles, images, and advertisements.

Menus: Printed lists of food and beverage options available at restaurants or cafes.

Magnets: Printed magnetic materials used for decoration and branding on various surfaces.

Memo Pads: Printed pads of paper used for jotting down notes and reminders.

Membership Cards: Printed cards providing access and benefits to members of an organization.

Mugs with Prints: Mugs featuring printed designs, logos, or images.

Mailing Labels: Printed labels used for addressing and labeling envelopes or packages.

Marketing Materials: Printed materials used for promoting products, services, or events.

Motivational Posters: Posters featuring inspiring quotes and messages.

Movie Posters: Posters promoting films, often with striking visuals and graphics.

Magnetic Calendars: Calendars with magnetic backing for easy placement on refrigerators or metallic surfaces.

Menu Cards: Printed cards providing details about courses and dishes in fine dining.

Magazine Inserts: Printed materials inserted into magazines for additional content or promotions.

Memo Books: Printed booklets used for taking short notes, often pocket-sized.

Marketing Flyers: Flyers used to promote products, services, or special offers.

Mailing Envelopes: Printed envelopes used for sending letters, documents, or marketing materials.


Notebooks: Printed books with lined or blank pages for writing, drawing, or note-taking.

Name Badges: Printed badges worn for identification purposes at events, conferences, or workplaces.

Newsletters: Printed publications containing news, updates, and information for a specific audience.

Nameplates: Printed or engraved plates used to display names, titles, or designations.

NCR Forms: Carbonless forms used for creating multiple copies without carbon paper.

Newspaper Inserts: Printed materials inserted into newspapers for advertising or promotions.

Note Cards: Small printed cards used for sending short messages or thank-you notes.

Notepads: Printed pads of paper used for writing notes, lists, or messages.

Name Labels: Printed labels used for identifying personal belongings, often for school or daycare.

Numbered Tickets: Printed tickets with sequential numbers for events, raffles, or admission.

Nature Calendars: Calendars featuring images of landscapes, animals, or natural scenery.

New Product Flyers: Flyers introducing and promoting new products to customers.

Networking Cards: Printed cards used for sharing contact information at networking events.

Nameplate Printing: The process of printing names, titles, or designs on nameplates.

Newsprint: Low-cost, uncoated paper often used for newspapers and other publications.


Outdoor Banners: Printed banners designed for display in outdoor environments.

Oversized Posters: Larger-than-standard posters used for attention-grabbing displays.

Order Forms: Printed documents used to record customer orders for products or services.

Organizational Charts: Printed charts illustrating the structure and hierarchy of an organization.

Obituary Cards: Printed cards providing information about memorial services and tributes.

Open House Flyers: Flyers promoting open house events for real estate properties.

Outdoor Signs: Printed signs used for outdoor advertising, wayfinding, or directions.

Outdoor Stickers: Stickers designed to withstand outdoor elements, often for signage or labeling.

Office Labels: Printed labels used for organization, identification, and labeling in offices.

Organizational Brochures: Printed materials outlining the goals, missions, and activities of organizations.

Office Stationery: Printed paper, envelopes, and supplies used for everyday office tasks.

Oil Paintings: Printed reproductions of oil paintings for art enthusiasts and collectors.

Outdoor Event Banners: Banners used for promoting outdoor events, festivals, or fairs.


Posters: Printed visual displays used for advertising, decoration, or communication.

Postcards: Printed cards used for sending short messages, greetings, or promotions.

Programmes: Printed booklets containing information and schedules for events or performances.

Product Labels: Printed labels providing information about products, ingredients, and usage.

Pamphlets: Printed informational materials providing details about a specific topic.

Presentation Folders: Printed folders used to organize and present documents and materials.

Personalized Calendars: Calendars customized with personal photos or designs.

Pocket-Sized Guides: Small printed guides offering concise information on a specific topic.

Photo Books: Printed books showcasing personal photos, memories, or artwork.

Postcard Flyers: Postcards used as promotional flyers for products, events, or services.

Promotional Stickers: Printed stickers used for branding, promotions, and giveaways.

Paper Bags: Printed bags made from paper materials, often used for packaging and branding.

Personalized Magnets: Magnets with printed photos or designs for personalization and gifting.

Pop-Up Banners: Portable printed banners that can be easily set up for events and promotions.

Presentation Posters: Large printed posters used to visually present information or research.

Product Catalogues: Printed catalogues showcasing a company's range of products and services.

Portrait Prints: Prints of photographs or artwork in a portrait orientation.

Packaging Labels: Printed labels used for branding, product information, and packaging.

Political Signs: Printed signs used for political campaigns and promoting candidates.


Quotes Posters: Posters featuring inspirational quotes, messages, or sayings.

Questionnaires: Printed forms used to collect information or opinions through surveys.

QR Code Flyers: Flyers with printed QR codes linking to websites, apps, or information.

Quick Guides: Printed materials offering brief instructions, tips, or summaries.

Qualification Certificates: Printed certificates verifying qualifications, skills, or achievements.


Rack Cards: Printed cards placed on racks or displays for promotional purposes.

Restaurant Menus: Printed menus showcasing food and beverage options at restaurants.

Resumes: Printed documents summarizing a person's education, work experience, and skills.

Retail Packaging: Printed packaging used to present and protect retail products.

Roll-Up Banners: Portable printed banners that can be rolled up for easy transport.

Recipe Cards: Printed cards with cooking instructions and ingredients for recipes.

Retail Posters: Printed posters used for promoting products, sales, or discounts in retail stores.

Reminder Cards: Printed cards used to remind customers of appointments or events.

Reception Signs: Printed signs used for welcoming guests and directing them to reception areas.

Rubber Stamps: Stamps with printed designs used for imprinting ink on paper or other surfaces.

RSVP Cards: Printed cards used to gather responses and confirm attendance to events.

Report Covers: Printed covers used to bind and protect reports, proposals, or presentations.

Retail Packaging Labels: Printed labels used for branding and product information on retail packaging.

Research Posters: Printed posters presenting research findings, often used in academic settings.

Retail Bag Printing: Printing custom designs or logos on retail bags for branding.


Signs: Printed displays used to convey information, directions, or promotions.

Stickers: Printed adhesive labels used for branding, decoration, and communication.

Stationery: Printed paper and envelopes used for writing letters and correspondence.

Sales Flyers: Flyers used for promoting sales, discounts, and special offers.

Street Banners: Banners displayed on streets for advertising or event promotion.

Student ID Cards: Printed identification cards for students in educational institutions.

Storefront Signage: Printed signs used to display business names, logos, and information.

Scratch-off Cards: Printed cards with areas that can be scratched to reveal hidden messages or discounts.

Self-Mailers: Printed materials that can be folded, sealed, and mailed without an envelope.

Shelf Talkers: Printed cards or signs attached to shelves to promote products.

Souvenir Programs: Printed programs given to attendees as keepsakes at events.

Survey Forms: Printed forms used to gather opinions, feedback, or data through surveys.

Subscription Cards: Printed cards used for subscribing to magazines, services, or memberships.

School Yearbooks: Printed books featuring photographs and memories of a school year.

Safety Posters: Printed posters promoting safety guidelines and practices in various settings.

Sales Sheets: Printed sheets containing detailed information about products or services.

Schedule Cards: Printed cards displaying schedules, itineraries, or timetables.

Self-Adhesive Labels: Labels with adhesive backing used for various applications.


Tickets: Printed passes used for entry to events, shows, movies, or transportation.

Thank-You Cards: Printed cards used to express gratitude and appreciation.

Table Tents: Printed cards folded to stand on tables, often used for promotions.

Trade Show Banners: Banners used for promotions and displays at trade shows and expos.

Tote Bags: Bags made from fabric with printed designs, often used for shopping or promotions.

Tags: Printed labels often attached to products for branding, pricing, or information.

Temporary Tattoos: Printed designs applied to the skin temporarily for decorative purposes.

Travel Brochures: Printed materials providing information about travel destinations and services.

Table Numbers: Printed numbers used for identifying tables at events or receptions.

Theatre Programs: Printed programs handed out to attendees at theatrical performances.

T-Shirt Printing: Printing designs, logos, or graphics on T-shirts for promotional purposes.

Tear-Off Flyers: Flyers with perforated tabs that can be torn off with contact information.

Time Cards: Printed cards used to record employees' work hours and attendance.

T-Shirt Transfers: Printed designs transferred onto T-shirts using heat or pressure.

Trifold Brochures: Brochures folded into three sections, often used for informative content.

Technology Posters: Posters promoting technological products, services, or advancements.

Thank-You Notes: Handwritten or printed notes expressing gratitude and thanks.

Textbook Printing: Printing textbooks and educational materials for academic use.

Tablecloths: Printed tablecloths for use at events and exhibitions.

Travel Posters: Posters featuring iconic destinations and travel opportunities.


Uniform Printing: Printing designs, logos, or branding on uniforms for businesses or teams.

Umbrella Printing: Printing designs on umbrella panels for branding or promotion.

User Manuals: Printed guides providing instructions for using products or software.

University Brochures: Printed materials providing information about university programs and campuses.

Uncoated Paper Printing: Printing on uncoated paper for a natural and textured look.

Underwear Printing: Printing designs, logos, or graphics on underwear or intimate apparel.

Utility Bill Inserts: Printed materials included with utility bills for additional information or promotions.


Vinyl Banners: Banners made from durable vinyl material, often used for outdoor displays.

Vehicle Wraps: Printed vinyl graphics applied to vehicles for advertising and branding.

Voucher Cards: Printed cards used as vouchers for discounts, promotions, or special offers.

VIP Passes: Printed passes granting VIP access and privileges at events or venues.

Vinyl Stickers: Stickers with printed designs on vinyl material, suitable for various applications.

Vinyl Wall Art: Printed vinyl graphics used for wall decoration and murals.

Visual Aids: Printed materials used to enhance presentations and communication.

Vellum Paper Printing: Printing on translucent vellum paper for unique and delicate designs.


Wedding Invitations: Printed invitations for wedding ceremonies and celebrations.

Wall Calendars: Calendars designed for hanging on walls, often featuring images or artwork.

Window Decals: Printed decals applied to windows for decoration, branding, or promotions.

Wall Murals: Large printed graphics or images used to cover walls for decorative purposes.

Whitepapers: Detailed printed documents providing in-depth information about a specific topic.

Weatherproof Posters: Posters printed on durable materials to withstand outdoor elements.

Workwear: Branded items of clothing that can be embroidered or printed directly to the garment.

Wrapping Paper: Printing custom designs on wrapping paper for gift presentation.

Warranty Cards: Printed cards used to register products and claim warranties.


X-Banners: Portable printed banners with an X-shaped frame, used for displays.


Yearly Planners: Printed planners for organizing tasks, events, and schedules for the year.

Yoga Mats with Printing: Printed designs on yoga mats for personalization and branding.


Zipper Bags with Printing: Plastic bags with printed designs and zip closures, often used for packaging.


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