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Are branded facemasks useful for stopping the spread of COVID-19?

Updated: May 14, 2020

Whether cloth face masks are effective in stopping the spread of Coronavirus is a topic that has been widely debated amongst healthcare professionals.

According to new Government guidelines, we should now ensure that we are wearing face masks when social distancing is not always possible.

As we look to return to work, there are many ways in which branded face masks can help protect our staff, clients and suppliers and ensure that we are all keeping safe as we look to overcome the virus.

Here some of the benefits of wearing face masks, that we are aware of so far:

1. They protect you and others

Branded cloth facemasks act as a physical barrier between you and others.

Many individuals unknowingly infect one another by going out and spreading germs, through coughing or speaking to other people.

Although a branded cloth mask alone, is unlikely to prevent you from inhaling microscopic virus particles, it provides some respiratory protection. This protection can reduce the depositing of the virus onto surfaces and to people near you.

Wearing a mask protects those the wearer comes into contact with more than it does the person wearing it. By using a mask you provide protection and reassurance to those you come into contact with such as your colleagues and customers.

2. They can act as a deterrent

Wearing a branded face mask, can make individuals less likely to touch their faces.

As cloth masks act as a barrier, it makes it more difficult for people to come in contact with a contaminated surface, and proceed to touch their mouth or nose.

3. They create a sense of solidarity

Branded cloth face masks can promote a sense of community within your place of work.

If everybody is wearing one, they can be representative of a collective effort to help fight off the Coronavirus disease.

Wearing a mask, that is designed with your own company logo, can also reiterate the fact that you are all part of the same team and can show to your clients that you are all working together to play your part.

4. They are useful in situations where social distancing is difficult

In many places of work, it can be difficult to always maintain a safe distance from one another.

Where physical distancing is difficult, such as when travelling to or from work on public transport or working within a factory, branded face masks can offer a much needed layer of protection.

5. They provide a sense of security

When returning to work, a sense of anxiety, among your staff, is somewhat inevitable.

If each of your employees, is given a branded cloth mask to wear, this cause for concern could be greatly reduced.

If your workforce feels adequately protected against the virus, they are much more likely to maintain a positive working attitude and continue to work hard, as we look to overcome COVID-19.

How to wear your mask safely

Although, there are many benefits of wearing a customised cloth face mask, it is vital that they are used whilst following other safety procedures.

Preventative measures such as social distancing, good hand hygiene, and avoiding touching your face, eyes, nose and mouth should continue to be followed, whilst you are wearing your cloth mask.

When wearing your mask, it is important to carry out the following, to ensure its effectiveness:

· Clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand sanitiser, or soap and water, before putting your mask on.

· Cover your nose and mouth with the mask, ensuring that there are no gaps between the mask and your face.

· Avoid touching the mask whilst you are using it, and if you do, thoroughly wash your hands afterwards.

· Always remove you mask from behind.

· Wash your mask after every use.

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