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Barking up the right tree

You don’t often see Chris & Dave with a spade in their hands but relishing a day out of the office and accompanied by two clients in wellies, they were keen to show that Soar Valley Press protects the environment.

Claire Armstrong from Mick George and Christine Bailey from LeicesterTigers were very keen to tag along to see for themselves how this programme works.

They joined 65 people at an Army Base in Grantham where more than 1,500 trees were planted as part of Premier Paper’s Carbon Capture programme and the Woodland Trust’s Woodland Carbon scheme.

Premier’s Carbon Capture Programme had calculated the amount of C02 generated in the production and delivery of Soar Valley Press’ paper throughout the last three months. Soar Valley Press was able to fund the planting of 64.57m2 of new native woodland to equal the CO2 omissions used in the paper production.

We love telling our clients that paper used in print is environmentally friendly. It’s a renewable source because we can grow more new trees like the ones we planted at Grantham.

Paper can also be recycled not only into fresh new paper and cardboard but also be turned into all sorts of useful things from lamp shades and hospital gowns to coffee filters and bandages.

If you are striving to be carbon neutral then talk to us about how we can help. #carbon #capture #environment #recycle

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