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Bring a smile to your customer's faces

We hate to bring this subject up already but now that the summer holidays are nearing an end, we have to start planning for the seasonal festivities….  All the biggest and best organisations will already have made some plans for Christmas and we want to encourage you to start thinking about your clients and the season of goodwill.

Instead of the traditional snowy Christmas card this year, why not be a little more creative and surprise your customers with a box of delicious treats that will not only get your name in front of your customer for a whole month promoting your brand but will leave your customer feeling loved and valued.

We can design and produce a personalised desktop Advent Calendar for you with a bespoke design on 6 sides, numbered doors and melt-in-your-mouth fairtrade chocolates. Individually shrink-wrapped with a stand at the back to ensure your special clients can keep their chocolates on their desk, close at hand.

Now that we have given you a taste of what we can offer you and your clients, you just need to call us to discuss your ideas for the design… let your imagination flow, we can use any design or photo, or you could even take a picture of your team wearing santa hats!  What better way to put a smile on your customer’s faces each day…

Your only dilemma will then be deciding how many Advent Calendars you can keep and hide for yourself to eat.

Orders must be placed by Friday 27th September, so don’t chew over this for too long, give Chris a call on 0116 2599955 or you can email us at

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