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British Touring Car Championship

Our award-winning wristbands are off to a flying start – Now being used by the British Touring Car Championship.

A huge volume of people visit the events held by the British Touring Car Championship, so crowd organisation is essential. Our wristbands offer the perfect solution as they allow you to easily identify fans from different hospitality groups from members of the press or traders – a necessity at an event like this.

Each set of wristbands is bespoke, in this case each wristband was personalised to the group that the attendee belonged to. We print the wristbands in full colour, that way we can incorporate your logo or your sponsor’s logo into the design.

On this occasion, a large quantity was required but we can produce as many as you need from one to a million! They’re made of top quality material too giving you edge over your competitors. They won’t tear or go soggy in the rain − perfect for our beautiful British weather.

We design and produce wristbands for gigs, sports events, conferences and festivals with lots of different options to suit your needs perfectly.  If you’d like to know more about our wristbands or would like us to send you a sample, give us a ring on 0116 259 9955

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