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Busy Bees collaborate on an upcoming children's book

Local author Linda Marston has created a new children’s book series based around a cute character called Betty Bee. She chose to team up with us for the printing and page layout process. The series won’t be officially launched until August, but we’re here to offer you a sneak preview into the books, the first of which we have just finished, and also some behind the scenes information into the book making process.

This set of whimsical children’s books follows the naughty Betty Bee as she learns about friendship, keeping healthy and staying safe. The tales are accompanied by captivating illustrations by Katie Frearson. Betty Bee really comes to life in the first book now in print, which showcases the beautiful use of watercolours by the artist. We have worked closely with the publisher to get the right feel for the book with the most suitable materials, finishes, binding overall size carefully chosen to create the perfect experience.

Betty Bee Books are a new and ambitious company, which wanted to self-publish and promote the books. Headed up by the author and her husband, Richard Marston, they came to us for our guidance and expertise throughout the process – and we were only too happy to help. There is a lot to think about when self-publishing but Betty Bee Books have been up to the task, with a little bit of help from their friends at Soar Valley Press. Fully submerging itself into the modern day market, the books will also be available on Amazon Kindle as well as other ebooks services from Apple and Kobo.

As the official launch draws closer we have provided more and more marketing materials to ensure a successful and well-publicised PR campaign. We can’t wait for the official book launch and will be updating our Twitter and Facebook pages with news and updates as more information becomes available.

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