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Printing and Advertising should not be boring

When we were approached by The Siblings Service to produce some marketing material, they already had a creative idea they wanted to use, we just helped make that idea happen.

The Siblings Service is a support group for 8-14 year olds who have a brother or sister with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder or Asperger’s Syndrome.  The group offers emotional peer support through interactive, fun and relaxed group activities. 

We worked together with them to provide colourful and fun-shaped handy cards to advertise their services. The cards were specially cut into petal shapes with a rivet holding them together, so they can spread out in your hand.

The benefits of this size brochure:-

It’s like a whole brochure the size of a business card

It shows 5 key areas of support with one on each petal

Very memorable card and gets noticed and kept by recipients

We also produced an eye-catching stand-up banner for exhibitions and a colourful leaflet for them.

For more information on The Siblings Service, you can view their new website

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