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Design and Print Made Simple

Working with print companies can lead to a world of incomprehensible jargon. Ask a printer how to supply artwork and they may say something like “CMYK, 3mm bleed with crop marks, 300ppi at actual size, fonts outlined, PDF, EPS or AI file.” Confused? You should be!

I could explain each of those terms; the difference between raster and vectors; different colour spaces; how your item is printed and then finished; what a digital workflow is… but even most print professionals would struggle to understand all of the terms. Meanwhile your precious print needs to look right, and you need to provide the print-ready artwork.

Finding a printer that doesn’t just spout a spec to you and then reject your uploaded files is the key to a stress-free experience. A printer who wants to help and guide you through the process, working with what you can provide, or creating artwork for you, will ensure you get the very best end result.

That’s why at Soar Valley Press we have launched our campaign called “Design and print made simple.”

Ask your supplier if they can keep it simple and offer solutions not problems when it comes to getting your artwork right. Alternatively deal with a helpful provider from the start who has designers in-house to create your artwork cost-effectively and deliver a great printed result. 

Let’s start a new project together.

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