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Digital Print Awards 2011

Drum roll please… Soar Valley Press are finalists in the Digital Print Awards!

Our category is ‘Adding Value’ – its something we’re kind of obsessed with… making sure you guys get exactly what you want. Something that works well, for a good price with a bit of pizzazz, zing, oomph – you get the idea.

So what was our entry? Our friends over at Leicester Tigers were having a bit of a problem with their corporate hospitality.  In a perfect world supporters would arrive at the rugby match and go to different places depending on which hospitality group they’re in. But no one knows where they’re supposed to be going or what group they’re in. It was all getting a bit higgledy piggledy… Then you’ve got sponsors who want buy a whole season’s worth of hospitality at once. What do you do? Post them a package of loose tickets  that will probably get lost or damaged over the season? Pandemonium!

Fear not good friend! Introducing The Soar Valley Press Wristband Solution!

Wristbands are a simple, quick and easy solution. If you strive to be a crowd organising maestro (we do) then these are the perfect way to split your group into…well…smaller groups. Post the customer a booklet with all the passes they will need for the season. Before each event they tear the corresponding wristband out of the booklet, put it on and voila! Instant organisational genius.  Your customer can keep hold of their handy booklet full of wrist bands and just tear them out as they need them.

They’re colour co-ordinated and completely personalised for your event – so you’ll know exactly who is meant to be going where (and you can match them to your outfit).

They’re durable yet comfy to wear – so they won’t fall off and no one can lose their ticket.

They’re made of solid gold and covered in diamonds – okay maybe not.

But still these are brilliant for conferences, sporting events and festivals.

Want some?

Give us a bell on 0116 259 9955

Email us at Or pop in for a chat, we’re at

Soar Valley Press Limited, Park Farm, Billesdon, Leicestershire LE7 9FN #promotional #merchandise #wristbands #awards

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