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Direct Mail Marketing Trends for 2022

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

With screen-time at an all-time high in 2022, your customers are consistently bombarded with thousands of online messages every day.

How will you cut through the digital noise?

Direct mail remains compelling, memorable and engaging and is the perfect way for your business to stand out in an increasingly digital world, even in 2022.

Here are some of the predicted trends for direct mail marketing in 2022:

1. Sensory Engagement

The tangible nature of direct mail means it’s fantastic for appealing to your target audience’s senses.

Engaging the five senses and getting your target audience to have longer physical interactions with your direct mail will be a huge trend for Direct Mail Marketing in 2022.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

- Use Speciality Print FinishesSpot UV, Soft-Touch lamination, and Foiling add a unique texture to your printed postcards and are great for appealing to your prospect’s sense of touch.

- Adding Interactive Elements – Making your direct mail interactive by creating an exciting pop-up or experimenting with peel and reveals is an exciting way to get your prospects to engage with your marketing collateral for longer.

- Experimenting with Paper Quality – Paperweight is measured in GSM and is a measurement of paper thickness that corresponds to the paper quality. The higher the GSM, the thicker the paper is. Opting for a thicker paper can make your mailing more pleasant to handle, increasing engagement.

2. Personalisation

Personalisation has been a huge marketing trend for the past few years and it’s not set to go anywhere, just yet!

Variable Data Printing makes it simple to use all of your customer data to your advantage. Your promotions, offers, images and copy can all be personalised to suit individual customers or your customer segments.

A direct mail campaign that’s personalised and relevant to your customer’s needs is a campaign that will get results!

3. Adapting to 2022

With more and more consumers returning to the office, adaptation is a key-trend for postcard mailings in 2022.

Ensuring your CRM system is full of your prospects, and customers’ business addresses, can provide a fantastic opportunity if you’re looking to trial direct mail in 2022.

Reaching consumers with an engaging direct mail postcard with the right offer, at the right time, is the key to success and can help you break through the digital noise.

4. Integrating your Online and Offline Marketing

Naturally, you’re not going to abandon all of your digital marketing methods after reading this article. Instead, you should be considering how your digital and print marketing campaigns could work together.

Combining your online and offline marketing will become increasingly important for uniquely reaching your target audience in 2022.

Here are a few ways you could achieve this using direct mail:

- Associate offline promotions with online Call to Action’s (CTA’s) - Online Call to Actions could be as simple as including phrases such as ‘Shop online at…’ or ‘Visit our website…’ on your direct mailings.

- Use QR Codes – QR Codes are scan-able codes that take users onto the desired online landing page. Printing a QR code onto your direct mail postcards can help take your prospects online.

5. User Experience

User experience is a big marketing trend for 2022. But how can you incorporate this into your direct mail campaigns?

The answer, by incorporating promotional products into your campaign. Including branded confectionery, a branded mug, or a personalised notebook in your direct mail campaigns, is a great way to evoke positive emotions in your customers which will then be associated with your brand. Therefore, improving their experience as a customer.

Start planning your campaign:

Planning a direct mail campaign is simple and straightforward and can offer a fantastic return on investment for your company.

To find out more about how direct mail could work for you, don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 0116 259 9955 or email We’re always ready to get the conversation started.

Looking for more information?

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