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Event Essentials Checklist

It’s everybody’s favourite time of year! That’s right, awards season is upon us. If you’re hosting an awards evening or event, we can help make sure your event runs smoothly with our simple design and print solutions.

We work closely with a number of event organisers, charities and venues providing them with design and print that really brings their event together.

Make sure you have everything you need, ready for your event, with our event essentials checklist.

1. Event Invitations

First things first, you’ll need personalised invitations! Invitation cards are the best way to tell people about your event or awards ceremony. They can be designed to fit within the guidelines of your branding or the theme of your event and are a great way to keep all your event details in one place.

Events Invitations can take form in the shape of flyers, advertising the event, personalised invite cards that are sent to your loyal clients or branded letters, sent to your top customers.

Recently, we produced a collection of stunning black and gold invite cards in gold origami envelopes for the RGP ‘40th Anniversary Masquerade Ball’. We produced all of the design, print and finishing for the invites and received fantastic feedback from our clients. We hope everybody who attended had a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

2. Event Programmes

Event Programmes are essential for any awards evening. All your attendees will want to know what’s happening, when it’s happening and in what order. All of this information can easily be collated into a booklet, containing information about your sponsors, the running time of the event, the judges and the shortlisted businesses for each category.

Earlier on this year, we printed the Programmes of Event for the Niche Business Awards 2019. The awards night itself was a glamorous occasion, after receiving a double nomination, we were proud to be finalists in the ‘Best Customer Service’ category!

The event programmes we printed ensured that all attendees were aware of the running time of the event. They also made a great addition to the table layout and looked fantastic alongside the table numbers we printed, even if we do say so ourselves.

3. Flyers and Leaflets

Leaflets are a fantastic way to summarise information about an event that isn’t lengthy enough to fit into a programme! Flyers and Folded Leaflets are a great place to include the logos of your event sponsors or to include a brief summary of your event schedule.

4. Menus

Menus are also a fantastic way to inform your guests of the meal they can expect to eat whilst at your event. Why not send out a copy of your menus prior to your event? Providing guests with a sample of what they can expect from the evening and allowing their mouths to salivate before they even arrive!

Recently, we produced a number of menus for the Leicester Tigers Business Club Lunch. The menus provided guests with a valuable insight into what they could expect from their lunch. Chris and Dave attended the event and said that the menus looked fantastic, although they may be ever so slightly biased…..

At Soar Valley Press, we can design and produce menus for a variety of different events including dinner party menus, New Years Eve menus, festive menus, party menus, wedding buffet menus and gala dinner menus to name just a few.

5. Table Plan

At busy events its always important to stay organised. And table plans can help you do just that! Table seating plans can be printed on a large scale and are great to advertise where people are sitting and where they are supposed to go. Their large size means that there is plenty of room to list all of your attendees/businesses as well

as the logos of all of your headline sponsors. Recently, we produced table plan signs for the Niche Business Awards. The table floor plans ensured that the event ran smoothly. Allowing, all of the guests to take their seats with ease, avoiding any complications.

6. Table Place Cards

To compliment your table plan, it is important to also print place cards. Table name cards allow individuals to easily locate the right place to sit and make the seating process simple and effective. A folded business card with your company branding and the name of the attendee, makes the perfect name place card!

For the Leicester Tigers Business Club Lunch, we printed a number of place setting cards for each table. This ensured that each attendee knew where to sit and ensured that the planning of the event continued to run smoothly. In addition, this also simplified the food delivery process. As each meal could be assigned to a specific seat and thus delivered to the correct person, dependant on what they had ordered.

7. Table Numbers

Table Numbers are another essential element that correspond with Table Plans. After all, a table plan is pretty useless without table numbers! Table markers coincide with the table plan and allow individuals to know which table they should be sat at. Table cards are also a great way to advertise information about your sponsors or to briefly include key information about your events.

Last year, for the East Midlands Chamber Christmas Lunch, we produced table numbers for each of the tables at the event. They made a great addition to the table layout, even if we do say so ourselves.

8. Pull Up Banners

Pull Up Banners are a great addition to your event. They’re a great form of budget friendly print and are perfect for displaying information about your event sponsors or about any future events you may be hosting.

Last year, we were print sponsors for the East Midlands Chamber Christmas Lunch. At the event, we had a Pull Up Banner on display that told people about our company and explained what we offer. It proved a great way to catch people’s attention and encouraged them to engage with us, allowing us to talk more about the products and services we could offer them.

9. Backdrops

Well-designed backdrops can set your event apart from the rest! They are a great way to entertain your guests, whilst promoting your brand. Backdrops provide the perfect background for photographs of your attendees and award winners. Why not encourage your guests to post their photos on social media, by creating an event hashtag? It’s a great way to broaden your brand or charities reach and to get your company name in front of potential clients online. The perfect aid to your current social media campaigns!

10. Certificates

Personalised Certificates are a fantastic way to congratulate your attendees. They can be

given to category winners and runners-up to congratulate them on their achievements. Luxury certificates can be displayed in your prize winner’s offices and include your logo to broaden your brand’s reach.

Recently, we designed and printed custom award certificates for the FOCUS Black Tie Extravaganza. These certificates allowed FOCUS to congratulate all of their prize winners. And provided a sentimental take-away from the event, for those who were successful.

11. Awards

What’s an awards night without the awards themselves? Trophies and Awards are a perfect

way to congratulate your successful candidates on their achievements. After the event, personalised awards are great to display in your office as a token of your achievements.

At Soar Valley Press, we offer a wide range of awards including engraved plaques, wood block awards, custom acrylic awards, glass engraved plaques, custom glass awards and a variety of other custom made awards.

We have had fantastic feedback from many of our clients who frequently use us for many of their events. Following the Niche Business, we received the following feedback from one of our clients:

Soar Valley Press are a great team to work with that communicate regularly and share ideas and suggestions. It was a stress-free process and all our needs were met. They dealt with both our pre-planned and last minute orders for the Niche Business Awards effectively and delivered high quality print. Thank you for taking such a big stress out of organising a large scale event!’.

Jenny Cross – Cross Productions.

How can we help you?

There are lots of print possibilities when it comes to events, award ceremonies and charity fundraisers. At Soar Valley Press, we can advise you on the right options for your event. Or, perhaps you are interested in our range of awards? Click here to download a PDF brochure of the wide selection of bespoke awards we can offer you.

Call us today on 0116 2599955 or email discuss your needs.


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