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Helping Harborough District Council

If you live in the District of Harborough, Leicestershire, you will have seen along with the other 40,000 residents recent communication advising of upcoming changes to the way your recycling is collected.

We were approached by Harborough District Council and asked if we could help them with a job that they were struggling to find a solution to. In April the residents of Harborough District Council will see a change to the way their recycling is collected and the Council had designed two informative leaflets to distribute to all residents before the changes are implemented.

The Council needed a supplier to do the printing, polywrapping and deliver the 40,000 packs. They had a printer who could print the two leaflets but who couldn’t polywrap them, and they’d found a company who could do the polywrapping but they were based hundreds of miles away. Thankfully here at Soar Valley Press we love to offer solutions to our clients. When we explained that we could do the printing, polywrapping and deliver the packs back to the Council, they were really happy: We’re a local supplier and could offer them a cost effective solution. They didn’t realise that we could offer everything they needed.

Not only that, we received the artwork on a Friday and delivered the completed job on Wednesday of the following week. The Council were very impressed with the prompt turnaround.

Do you have a need for any new printed materials? Does your usual printer offer everything you need? If not, call us today on 0116 255 595 and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements. #print #polywrapping #distribution #leaflets #communication


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