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Six Ways that Manuals could be Beneficial for your Business

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Are your staff and clients getting the most out of their equipment? Could they benefit from a

manual to help them learn?

Why not check out our list of reasons why manuals are useful for you and your business, to see how they could help you.

1. Make the most out of Equipment

User manuals present instructions for product use in a clear and concise way. They allow individuals to get the most out of their equipment as they are taught how to use it effectively by following a set of simple instructions.

2. Findability

Instruction manuals can either be wire bound or put into a single folder that allows you to add informative sheets as the product develops. Having all of this information kept in one place is an advantage as your clients or employees can easily find all of the advice that they require from one single point of reference.

3. Usability

Great design equals great usability! Technical manuals are often wirebound meaning that they lay flat on the table. This makes the manual user-friendly as the booklet is easy to look through and refer back to whilst utilising the product.

Our guides are fully customisable. Meaning that you can make full use of the different binding materials we offer. As well as using different colours and design to separate the different sections of your manual.

4. Save Time

Time is of the essence! So why wouldn’t you want to save as much time as you can? Staff training and instructing individuals on how to use your products is a time consuming process. Giving your staff a training manual or your clients a product manual is a fantastic way to save time. Handing them all the information that they need, in a professionally bound book, is a great way to reduce the likelihood of your clients needing to refer back to you to ask product related questions. Saving both you and your client time!

5. Reducing Liability

Producing a Standard Operations manual for your business is essential for reducing liability. If one of your workers or clients suffers from an injury, as a result of one of your products, it is essential to have standard procedures in place to prevent any potential issues. Having a Standard Operations manual is one of the top ways to demonstrate that you have adequate procedures in place for when things go wrong.

6. Fully Customisable

Our quality manuals are fully customisable and can be personalised to include your own branding. This means that your manuals can be custom-built to include as many or as few pages as you desire. This is useful as the training manuals collate a large number of pages into a single document, handy for product manuals that include a large number of sections or lengthy operating instructions. Keeping all the required information in one place!

Case Study

M&M Training are one of the countries leading training providers in the steam and boiler industry. They offer a wider variety of training courses including: BOAS courses, courses in Steam Utilisation and Water Treatment courses.

Flomar were in need of instruction manuals for their M and M Training Courses. This was so learners had information and instructions that they could refer back to and take home after the course had finished.

At Soar Valley Press, we provided a solution to this problem by printing a large variety of different manuals for the range of training courses that Flomar provide. Each manual provides a recap of the information provided to the learners on the course and is inclusive of instructions detailing how to use various pieces of equipment.

The manuals have allowed Flomar and M&M Training to provide their learners and attendees with information to follow through during the course and to take home and refer back to after the course.

Why not contact us?

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