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Many paths lead to a winning result

Communication has always been a priority for us.

We are passionate about helping our clients to make use of a variety of different communication channels, which work alongside the print we produce for them. We know this joined up approach to communicating is key to building relationships and helps others get to know and like what we are. We help our own clients in the way we communicate through the plethora of Social Media as well as printed media, face-to-face meetings and more.

Our Social Media Award recognised our firm’s innovative use of Social Media combined with traditional communication methods to grow our business.

We won the award following a chance meeting with a vicar whom we then recommended later on twitter. This led to him getting in touch with us over an urgent problem he needed solving, we responded with a solution, provided proofs by email and delivered the final product within 3 days.

For the client, it was the Social Media contact which prompted him to deal with us.  By keeping in touch in lots of ways, email newsletters, blogging, face-to-face meetings, website advice, facebook and twitter, we reach out in ways that work best for our clients – not just us.

We don’t want to be a faceless company hiding behind a website and neither should you.

We’ll keep striving to advise and communicate in lots of ways, including through Social Media. We have lots more free regular advice and tips on our Social Media channels….  Are you following us?

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