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I love chocolate. Chocolate bars, chocolate cakes, chocolate buttons. But most of all I love Heroes chocolates.

And it looks like you guys do to!

Did you know…

Each year enough Heroes chocolates are bought in the UK for everyone to have 25 chocolates each! That’s 1.3 million Heroes chocolates all together. (I will not be revealing just how many of those chocolates were bought by myself personally…)

If you lined up all the Heroes chocolates sold in 1 year you’d have enough chocolates to stretch round the British coastline 3 times! (just Imagine…a coastline made of chocolate)

At Christmas time Heroes chocolates outsell turkeys by 50% (I know which I would rather buy)

This month at Soar Valley Press we are willing to share our chocolates with you. Spend over £200 with us and we’ll give you a tin of irresistible Heroes chocolates. #offers

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