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Our latest mouth-watering challenge

Throughout December, we’ve been undertaking a very serious investigation.  It’s taken a lot of effort but we felt it was necessary to look into the current state of Mince Pies in the 21st Century.

We tasted several different brands and decided to grade them on different criteria such as appearance, taste and how good the pastry is, we even made note of the calories, we’ve done all the hard work for you, and the results are in!

We came to realise that the cheapest is not always the best value - and the best value is exactly what we aim to give all our clients.

Here’s the brands we tested:-

Asda Extra Special All Butter - 33p each Co-op Deep Filled - 16p each Mr Kipling Exceedingly Good Mince Pies - 22p each Marks & Spencers All Butter - 41p each Aldi “Hollywood Lane” - 14p each

As we expected, Marks & Spencer’s mince pies were the highest rated overall however, at 41p each, they are a very expensive option.  We were really looking for value for money and the Mince Pie that won that category was definitely the Asda Extra Special mince pies. 

They were a good all-rounder scoring highly for taste and filling.

Aldi mince pies were also good value for money however, the pastry wasn’t brilliant. Not really a mince pie to hand out to visitors, keep them for the kids… (or the dog).

The ones to avoid were disappointingly Mr Kipling’s and the Co-op. Don’t waste your money on these.

For those of you trying to watch your weight over christmas (is that possible?!), the lowest calorie content we found was M & S Mince pies with 225 calories per mince pie.  Aldi came a close second with 236 calories. We say ditch that diet until January!

Remember that the cheapest price does not always get you the best value for money. 

Next christmas, we’ve decided to investigate champagne brands…  #christmas


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