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Our Top Products for Businesses Re-opening after COVID-19

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Planning ahead, and looking towards the future, is a great way to ensure that you’re prepared for when business is back on track.

Although we are all desperate for business to resume as normal, it is vital that we implement some longer term strategies to protect both our clients and staff.

With an impressive range of safety products out there, what do we really need to ensure we’re staying safe as we look to overcome the pandemic?

Read on to find out our top products for business re-opening, during COVID-19:

1. Branded face masks

Protective face masks have been identified as considerably reducing the

likelihood of infection. They offer an effective barrier and can protect yourself and others from germs spread through coughing and sneezing.

Supplying all of your employees with a customised face mask, is a great way to

ensure that everybody stays safe and protected as we look to overcome the


To find out more about branded face masks, click here.

2. Cough Guards

Countertop cough guards are a great low-cost solution for retail outlets.

Available, in a wide variety of sizes, their sturdy Correx outer face, and clear Perspex barrier screen is essential for ensuring workers can handle transactions safely.

To find out more about cough guards, click here.

3. Hygiene and Social Distancing Posters

Hygiene and social distancing posters are a fantastic, budget friendly way to spread the message. Why not place them in high-footfall areas, around your place of work? A great way to serve a friendly reminder, encourage good hygiene practice and to advise that individuals keep their distance.

To find out more about hygiene posters, click here.

4. Hygiene and Social Distancing Pull-up Banner Signage

Pull-up banners are fantastic for drawing attention straight to the policies that you are implementing. Their durable, scratch resistant nature means that they’re sure to stand the test of time, for as long as Government guidelines are in place.

To find out more about hygiene pull up banners, click here.

5. Hygiene and Social Distancing A-Frames

Placing an A-Frame outside your shop front, is sure to attract the attention of passers-by. Their interchangeable nature, makes it easy to update the poster inside as the situation improves, and Government policies begin to relax.

To find out more about A-Frames, click here.

6. PVC Banners

PVC Banners are wipe clean and perfect for getting the message across on a large scale. Why not use them to advertise that you’re back open for business or attach them to crowd control barriers to advertise that your customers should stand two metres apart? If you’re after premium temporary signage, PVC banners

are a great option.

To find out more about PVC Banners, click here.

7. Floor Graphics for Social Distancing

Floor vinyl graphics are a budget friendly way to advise social distancing in your retail outlet or place of work. Supplied with a self-adhesive backing, they’re easy to stick to any type of flooring – including outside.

Top Tip: Why not stick your floor graphics 2m apart from each other? A great way to protect your customers and ensure that they know where they should stand.

To find out more about vinyl floor stickers, click here.

8. Branded Hand Sanitiser Bottles

Customised hand sanitiser is a great way to promote effective hygiene in your place of work. Handing them out to each of your employees or placing them in prominent places around your workplace is perfect for promoting your brand, whilst also ensuring the safety of your staff and clients.

To find out more about branded hand sanitiser, click here.

9. Hygiene and Social Distancing Strut Cards

Social distancing strut cards are a space efficient way to catch urgent attention. They’re perfect for placing on countertops, at checkout stations, or in other prominent places around your workplace. They’re sure to catch eyes from all angles and ensure the wellbeing of your customers and staff.

To find out more about customised strut cards, click here.

Why not contact us?

With many businesses turning to printed material to get their message across, we would love to help you communicate effectively to ensure the safety of your clients and staff. We can help advise you the best way to progress with re-opening your business and the printed collateral and branded items you may need to support that.

Contact us today by emailing to see how we could help you.

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