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Promotional Products for the New Normal

As we move towards a new way of working, you may be questioning how you can continue to effectively market your brand as we look to overcome the crisis.

Promotional merchandise is a cost-effective way to boost the morale of your staff and clients, whilst also publicising your brand.

To make things simple and straightforward for you, we’ve put together a list of creative ways that you can utilise promotional merchandise within your Covid-19 marketing strategy.

1. Work from home packs

As our staff and clients continue to adapt to working from home, supplying them with products that could make their life easier is a great way to increase customer loyalty or to reward your staff.

Sending your clients and staff packs of products, such as branded pens, customised sticky notes, promotional notebooks, and other work from home essentials, can help you to support them, during this difficult time.

2. Represent your brand on-camera

With networking events and sales meetings moving online we must find new ways to connect with our clients.

The key to success, when networking online, is creating a strong visual impression. Branded t-shirts, fleeces and polo-shirts can help ensure your team look smart and create a fantastic first impression for your brand.

3. Mailable Promotional Products

With face-to-face contact with our clients, currently proving difficult, you may be contemplating new ways to reach out.

Planning a mail-out promotional product campaign is a great way to let your clients know that you’re still thinking about them. There’s a whole host of branded products from promotional chocolate and confectionary to customised notebooks and pens, that are letterbox-friendly and perfect for getting your brand into the hands of your clients.

4. Boost staff morale

Working away from the office environment, and adapting to a new way of life can be difficult for everybody.

Showing appreciation for your staff, and thanking for them for their continued hard work, by sending them a promotional gift, is a great way to boost their morale. There’s no better way to reward their efforts and let them know that they’re a valued member of your team.

Find out more

Our new brochure contains over 175 pages of the best branded products, from leading manufacturers. Including everything from promotional pens and mugs to customised t-shirts and corporate workwear. Meaning you’ll be sure to find a great product, at a price that’s right for you. You can download our brochure by clicking here.

Any questions? Our team is always happy to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 0116 259 9955 or email us at

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