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Ripple Magazine

We had a request from the students at Leicester University to find a way of saving them money on producing The Ripple Magazine. Their budget had been reduced by 25% on the previous year. A simple change in size and reduction in the number of pages from 52pp to 48pp meant we could meet the new budget - on a plus side, we were able to improve the quality of paper too. Along with a few pointers on creating the newly sized artwork, we produced the first edition for the 2012/2013 academic year last month. Bring on February for the next edition!

'It is hard to put into words how much we enjoyed working with you and how much you helped us! Despite the (rather large) hiccups we created right at the end of the process you were always happy to help and after some of the horror stories we have heard from past editorial teams it was so encouraging and also relieving to know that we were dealing with a company who really cared about our final product - so we cannot thank you enough!' Ripple Editor, Leicester University


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