Six things you need to do to ensure your pub/restaurant/cafe can reopen safely post lockdown

Updated: Jul 1

The latest Government advice has allowed pubs, restaurants, cafes and hotels to reopen on July 4th, provided that they adhere to new guidance and ensure that their hospitality business is COVID-secure.

This easing of lockdown includes reducing the social distancing requirement to 1m-plus when added precautions are taken.

Knowing how to adapt your business and prepare for the changes can be challenging. So, to make thing simple and straightforward for you we’ve listed a few ways that you can ensure you’re ready to get back to business.

1. Advertising that you’re reopening

Clear temporary signage is a fantastic way to let your customers know that you’re back open for business. A-Frames, window stickers, bollard covers, PVC banners and flags can all be placed outside or at the entrance to your beer garden to attract the attention of passers-by and get your customers back through your doors.

Leafleting your local area using printed leaflets and flyers, is another great way to let your customers know about you’re re-opening and encourage them to make a booking.

What’s more, they’re a great way to inform your customers if you’re offering a limited menu or have changed your opening hours.

2. Social Distancing

With customers being advised to stay 1m-plus apart, you must enforce this rule within your pub or restaurant.

Ensure you identify key areas within your premises, where congestion could build up. Marking one way systems using anti-slip vinyl floor stickers, and encouraging social distancing with strut-cards or floor tape, can help enforce a safe distance and reduce the risk of transmission.

Printing social distancing messages onto your branded beer mats is another great way to get the message across to your customers. Encouraging them to keep a safe distance from each other.

3. Handwashing and Sanitising

Encouraging effective hand washing and sanitising, within your restaurant/pub, is vital to help stop the spread of the virus.

Placing hand sanitising dispensers at the entrance/exits to your pub can encourage people to sanitise, as they enter and again when they leave. Handwashing posters can also be placed, around your premises, advising people to adhere to your policies and also to demonstrate the correct hand washing technique.

To ensure your bar and waiting staff are also adequately protected, make sure they are washing their hands for at least 20 seconds, frequently throughout their shifts. Distributing flyers or leaflets, or displaying informative posters in staff areas could be an effective way of achieving this.

4. Arrangement of your pub

Spacing apart the tables and developing a seating plan based on physical distancing guidelines can help ensure your business is Covid-19 secure. Utilising acrylic screens to separate tables can add increased protection and reduce the risk of transmission.

Customer contact with commodities (e.g menus, trays, napkins etc.) should be reduced to what is necessary. Replacing single-use menus with pull-up banners or strut cards that can be placed around your pub is advisable to keep your customers safe.

Although it’s easier to manage social distancing in beer gardens and outdoor spaces, there may be a danger of groups forming. Warrant any potential risks in smoking areas or children’s playgrounds and regularly patrol these areas to ensure your customer's safety. To police this, why not consider producing clear signage, that indicates restrictions in these areas.

5. Limiting Footfall

Limiting the number of customers in your pub/restaurant can ensure your business is Covid-19 secure. This is something that we have seen implemented in many retail outlets that have already successfully re-opened.

Taking bookings and discouraging walk-ins is a great way to regulate your numbers. Displaying clear signage, that dictates where individuals must queue to enter, can also help ensure a systematic approach to achieving this.

Positioning branded café barriers outside of your establishment can also create a regimented queueing system and can help you to control the number of people entering your premises.

6. Staff Safety

Government guidelines also suggest that we should be wearing face masks in situations where social distancing isn’t always possible.

Supplying your employees with branded face masks or a plastic face shield is a great way to effectively protect them from potential exposure. Not only this, but it also reassures your customers and ensures that you can serve them safely.

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To keep your staff and customers safe, you need to ensure they’re protected through the use of Covid-19 signage, and safety products that you can trust.

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