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Sky Dive!

WE DID IT! And we survived! On Friday 3rd August, at our 4th attempt, the weather was finally kind enough for us (Anna & Dave) to jump out of a plane in aid of LOROS.

Having arrived at Langar Airfield at 15.30, we jumped/were thrown out at 18.30 – what an experience! Anna found the freefall to be a little too intense, but loved looking out over the countryside, spotting local towns and landmarks. On the other hand, Dave loved the freefall but felt nauseous with pins and needles under the parachute! Would we do it again… probably, if you paid us enough!!!

Thank you to all those who have kindly supported us, either through your words of encouragement or by sponsoring us, enabling us to raise over £1,100 for LOROS so far. There is no reason why this figure cannot continue to grow. If you would like to reward our mad antics, our page will be active until the middle of September. #skydive #charity


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