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Team Changes and Exciting Opportunities at Soar Valley Press HQ

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

We are sad to announce that Ela has decided to move on and her last day with us will be the 23rd August. Ela is one of our Senior Designers and the positivity that she bought to the SVP office will surely be missed. You may still hear from Ela though, as she will still be working with us in a freelance role.

Last week, the team went out for pizza at Bowden Stores to say goodbye to Ela. Unsurprisingly, the SVP team love their pizza. With the favourite, on the night, being ‘BBQ Chicken’.

Know an amazing Graphic Designer?

We are always on the look for great talent and will be adding to our design team in the next few weeks. If you know an amazing designer looking for a new challenge who would like to work as part of a fun award-winning team then please ask them to get in touch with Chris on 07855370611.

Pippa Joins the Team

As one goes out, another comes in! We are pleased to announce that we have a new member on the team – Pippa! Pippa joined us at the beginning of the month and has already been busy learning about the business and all things marketing, as well as taking care of our social media channels.

We asked Pippa some questions, here are her answers:

1. Dogs or Cats?


2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine or Friends?


3. Brown Sauce or Red Sauce?

Red Sauce

4. EastEnders or Coronation Street?


5. Instagram or Facebook?


6. Leicester Tigers or Leicester City?

Leicester Tigers

7. Coffee or Tea?


8. Neighbours or Home and Away?

Haven’t watched either of them!

9. Winter or Summer?


10. Pizza or Pasta?


The team after enjoying their pizza at Bowden Stores.

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