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The art of good colour choices

Colours can have a significant effect on us – both psychologically and physiologically. They are a very powerful tool used in communication, so our designers at Soar Valley Press are very careful about how to use colour to produce the best results.

When thinking about your company logo, corporate colours, and the design of your literature, there are many ways to utilise colour to help communicate more effectively. Colours are the first thing your readers see before reading the content, they help your readers decide if they want to read the content.

Whilst the design and balance of items on the page can direct the reader to key information,

it is also important to engage emotion, and this is where colour can play a key role.

Colours are associated with different qualities and emotions, however these aren’t the same globally! Red is seen as exciting and demands attention but can also mean danger; red actually raises the heart rate. Whereas yellow communicates happiness and optimism, and studies have shown it to release serotonin – producing happy chemicals. Blue is the colour of trust and loyalty, calmness and security.

There is much more to colour than meets the eye, so to speak, so think carefully about how you communicate with colour and whether you convey the desired emotions. Getting colour right can really make a difference.

Would you like to know more about how to improve your use of colour? Get in touch with us today and we’ll offer our advice for free.

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This article first appeared in NiCHE Magazine

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