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The Top Branded Workwear for Winter

With December fast approaching, it’s time to start layering up!

Ensuring you have professional branded workwear is a great way to ensure you’re promoting your business effectively, appear professional and equipped to do your job safely.

To help you make sure your team stay on-brand and keep warm, we’ve compiled our top branded workwear items for winter. Read on to find out what they are.

1) Branded Hoodies

Branded Hoodies

Perfect for keeping you warm and dry, branded hoodies are a stylish way for your employees to stay warm during the winter months.

Both comfy and non-restrictive, personalised hoodies are great for keeping your employees productive.

The AWDis College Hoodie (E1112003) is available in over 72 colours and can be purchased from just £350.50 for 25 hoodies.

2) Branded Soft-shell Jackets

Branded Soft-Shell Jackets

Personalised soft-shell jackets are a staple piece of uniform for every type of employee.

Smart, stylish and practical, the lightweight nature of branded soft-shell jackets make them perfect for offering an extra layer of protection.

When customised with your logo, they’re a great way to ensure your team look professional and cohesive, sending a great message to your customers.

The Result Core Printable Soft Shell Jacket (E1112104/05) is available from just £507.50 for 25 jackets.

3) Personalised Insulated Bodywarmers

Branded Insulated Body Warmers and Gilets

Combining practicality and comfort, insulated body warmers are brilliant for outdoor events and staff uniforms.

When embroidered or printed with your company branding, they unite your workforce and ensure your team make a stand-out first impression.

The Pallas Insulated Body Warmer (E1111707/08) is available from £389.60 per 10 branded gilets.

4) Branded Beanie Hats

Branded Beanie Hats

Promotional beanies are a functional way to promote your brand on a budget.

Whether your team are working outside in the cold or tucked away in a cold warehouse, branded beanie hats are perfect for keeping them warm.

Roll Down Knitted Acrylic Beanies (E1111207) are available from £149 for 50 beanies.

5) Customised Insulated Jackets

Branded Insulated Jackets

Comfortable, warm and practical, branded insulated jackets are great for employees who regularly work outside.

When customised with your logo, they’re perfect for increasing your brand exposure and ensuring your team look professional.

The Athenas Insulated Jacket (E1111711/12) is available from £441 for 10 jackets.

Find Out More

Branded company uniforms are an essential tool that helps to promote your business and ensure your workforce look professional.

At Soar Valley Press, we offer a straightforward process that makes designing and ordering your branded work uniforms quick and easy. Simply, send us your logo and leave the rest of us.

To view our wide range of branded workwear, click here to download our branded merchandise brochure.

Or, contact us by calling 0116 259 9955, email or message us on Whatsapp to find out more about our branded workwear printing service.

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