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Top Tips to Prepare for a Successful Exhibition

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Trade shows provide a fantastic opportunity to showcase your products and services and are a great way to promote your brand.

Whilst business trade shows and exhibitions offer a huge range of benefits, they often demand an equally great amount of focus, work and commitment. But, there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure your exhibition is a success.

If you’re ready to generate new leads, at your next business exhibition, here are our top 8 tips to prepare for a successful expo:

1. Ensure you’re Prepared

For a simple, and stress-free trade show, it is vital to ensure you’re prepared. Ensuring that you’ve booked your place, finalised your exhibition stand, ordered your signage and promotional materials and provided necessary training to your team, well in advance, is vital for ensuring you have time to compensate for anything unexpected that may come your way.

2. Stay on Track

Creating a simple exhibition plan or timeline is a fantastic way to ensure you are keeping track of your progress. With so much to do, checking off key tasks, as you complete them, will help keep your team stay organised and ensure that you don’t miss any deadlines.

3. Competitor Research

Carrying out competitor research is vital if you want to ensure you exhibition space, stands out from the crowd.

Make a list of several of your key competitors, who will also be exhibiting, and have a look at how they have previously presented themselves. What are they doing successfully?

What could you do better? You may generate some new ideas that will help give you a creative edge over your competition.

4. Promotional Material

With so many other businesses in attendance, you’ll need to ensure you’ll be remembered. Branded pens, corporate notebooks, personalised tote bags, customised sweets and branded mugs are a great way to get potential clients to visit your stand and to remind them of your services, even after the exhibition has ended!

Top Tip: Why not try gifting visitors to your stand something creative and original? Or create a draw for your clients to win something that relates to your company? It’s a fantastic way to stand out from your competitors and ensure that you’re remembered for all the right reasons.

5. Creating a Striking Stand

Your prospects first impression of your company is your exhibition space, so it’s vital that you get it right. Utilising customised stretch stands, printed tablecloths and professional pull-up banners, all tailored to your brand, is a fantastic way to ensure your stand conveys your key marketing messages.

6. Spread the Word

As soon as you have reserved your place at your business expo, it’s time to start letting people know you’ll be there. Utilising your social media platforms, website and email campaigns are a great way to let potential attendees know you’ll be exhibiting.

Top Tip: Why not follow social media accounts for the event and engage in conversations surrounding it.

This is a great way to let more people know you’ll be attending and to give them a taste of what they can expect from your stand.

7. Live Marketing

Tweet photos from your exhibition stand, connect with other attendees, or go live on Instagram or Facebook. These are all fantastic ways to let your audience know that you’re at the business exhibition and to encourage them to visit your stand.

8. Follow Up

Arguably the most important part of any trade show, make sure you follow up any potential leads soon after the exhibition. However captivating your stand, it’s difficult for attendees to remember everybody that they have met on the day.

Trade shows and business expos are a big investment, so the more prepared you are the better the results you will achieve!

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