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Top 8 Branded Workwear Picks for Tradespeople

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

As a tradesperson, investing in branded workwear may not be a priority. However, ensuring you have the right branded workwear is a great way to ensure your promoting your business effectively, appear professional and send out the right message to your clients and are equipped to carry out your job safely.

To make things simple and straightforward for you, we’ve put together a list of the essential branded workwear you may need as a tradesperson.

1. Branded Soft-shell Jackets and Fleeces

Branded soft-shell jacket

Personalised softshell jackets are the perfect uniform essential for electricians, plumbers,

roofers, carpenters and more. Smart, stylish and practical, the lightweight nature of branded fleeces, make them perfect for offering an extra layer of protection.

Branded soft-shell jackets look professional, meaning that they’re also smart enough for use in retail and office roles.

When customised with your logo or company colours, branded soft-shell jackets are a great way to ensure your team look cohesive

and present a standard look when carrying out their job.

Branded polo-shirt.

2. Branded Cotton Polo Shirts

Whether you work alone, or as part of a team, Cotton Short Sleeve Polo Shirts are great for looking smart, but staying comfortable, whilst on the job.

When customised, polo shirts are great for helping your trades business appear professional.

3. Branded T-Shirts

Branded t-shirt.

Branded t-shirts are a durable and comfortable workwear solution for tradesmen. The lightweight nature of customised t-shirts makes them great for wearing throughout the warmer seasons.

When customised with your logo or company colours, branded t-shirts are a great way to ensure your trades business gets noticed by members of the public whether you’re on the job, or out and about.

Safety Essentials

1. High Visibility Vests

High visibility vest.

A fundamental tool for any tradesmen, High Visibility Vests are the perfect way to ensure you and your team’s safety in various environments. Ideal for road workers, construction workers, builders and anyone who works in enclosed or low-visibility environments, Branded Hi-Vis vests are vital for promoting security and creating a safe environment to work.

Branding your Hi-Vis Vests with a custom design or logo is a great way to ensure your team are easily recognisable and look professional on-site.

Hi-Vis jacket.

High Visibility jackets are the perfect way to combine practicality and comfort. Not only are they sure to keep your safe on-site, but they are also fully lined and waterproof to help keep the wearer warm in colder weather.

Hi-Vis Bomber Jackets also come with a wide range of personalisation options, making them the perfect walking-advertisement for your trades business.

3. Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses.

Safety glasses are a non-negotiable workwear essential that ensures you’re protected, whilst on site. When drilling, or snaking a drain, is vital that your eyes are guarded.

Goggles often have a bad reputation for being uncomfortable, therefore you must pick a reliable pair that can help ensure your vision remains clear.

Hard hat.

When working on a construction site, branded hard hats are essential. Customisable safety helmets can ensure you stay fully compliant and make sure you can carry out your trades job safely.

Branding your hard hats is a great way to appear professional, and ensure your trades business is recognised when working on site.

5. Dust Masks

Dust mask

If you work in the building or construction trade, dust masks are vital for reducing the risk of breathing in dust or gases. If you’re working in a confined space, around chemicals, or are handling dusty powders, face masks are an essential tool to help you to do your job safely.

There are different types of masks for different situations, so it’s important to base your purchase decision on the elements you need protecting from.

What is next?

Branded uniforms are an essential tool that helps to promote your business and keep your workforce safe.

We offer a simple and straightforward process, that makes designing and ordering your branded work uniforms quick and easy. Simply, send us your logo, and leave the rest to us.

Contact us by calling 0116 259 9955, email or message us on WhatsApp, to find out more.

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