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We're on a roll...!

We’ve entered another competition and we’ve won again! (We’re getting quite in to the competitive spirit here at SVP).

This time it was for Team 168 Fitness’ Official Half Marathon Design Competition.  We set Anna, our brilliant designer, on the case to create a T shirt that fitted the brief of ‘an eye catching design that represents the Team 168 Fitness’ competitive spirit’. She came up trumps with this fantastic design – which is now the team’s official half marathon T shirt.

Dave, from our team, will be running the race with them  and we wish them all the luck in the world. (photos of them looking fly in their T shirts to follow).

If your company needs a new logo or other design work then give Anna a ring – she’s amazing.

Give us a bell: 0116 259 9955

Pop in for a chat: Soar Valley Press ltd, Park Farm, Billesdon, LE7 9FN #awards


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