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What do John Lewis and IKEA have in common?

Last Autumn, John Lewis launched a massive 336 page Christmas Brochure and six departmental brochures… physical paper brochures that you could flick through at home, keep them on your coffee table, gain inspiration for presents and the kids could cut out pictures of toys and gadgets for their Santa List.

They were not the only large company to do so either. Boots and similar market leaders all launched their own branded Christmas catalogues in a bid to get a substantial share of the competitive Christmas sales market.

While some retailers have tried using digital-only catalogues, IKEA has been adamant about keeping its printed catalogue as a base. Why is the company known for being efficient and modern standing firmly behind its paper format? The brochure is still a very powerful marketing tool and a recent survey found a whopping 86% of buyers bought an item after first seeing it in a catalogue.

A paper catalogue may seem at face value to be a big investment. For many, it’s a crucial way to keep loyal customers informed of the latest products and company news. They play a key role in the purchasing decision and we are unlikely to see the death of print catalogues any time soon. #marketing #brochures #advertising #catalogues


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