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What is your brand?

Your brand is at the heart of your business. It’s your company’s personality. What your company stands for and the promises it has to its customers.

Hang on…isn’t branding when farmers use a stamp on their cattle!? Well yes, but that’s not quite what we had in mind.

We’re talking about how your company’s logo, graphics and colour scheme reflects your company’s ethos. How your company is represented when you’re not there to personally introduce yourself is all down to clever branding.

You can raise your brand awareness by increasing what the boffins call top level consciousness. To you and me, that’s how quickly your company’s name comes to mind when a person sees your logo, graphics or colour scheme.  As a person becomes more familiar with your company, and links your company with having a positive experience, connections in the brain between your company and positive emotions will become stronger and more readily available. If you pair your company with a full branding package then each time a customer sees your logo, or colour scheme, or graphics neurotransmitters in the brain will trigger that same positive experience as they had when dealing with your company.

Brand awareness is critically important because a customer will not choose your brand if they cannot recognise or recall it.

Soar Valley Press will work with you to develop a brand concept which best identifies you as a company so that clients and customers will recognise and recall it.


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