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What Sign Should You Use?

Almost everywhere one looks are signs to look at. Whether you need directions, information or simply need to know where something is or what is in that place, signage is a valuable way to help.

Signage is used externally, such as on the side of a building, or on signposts. There are many specific uses for outdoor signage including parking signs, construction signs, site safety signs, shop front signs and city signs. Signage is also used internally to guide users to the right place, help them in emergencies or explain what is behind a closed door. Internal signage has many specific uses, for example, toilet door signs, emergency exit signs and office signs.

Clear business signage can dramatically improve the client experience and reduce the customer’s need for advice from our staff, making their interaction with us much more efficient.

Here we explain some of the main options for signage. We can go into much more detail with you as we discuss your needs and suggest the right signage options.

Tray Signs

Tray Signs are a professional way of displaying your key information on the outside of your building. They are highly effective as business signs. These metal signs have hidden fixings and are a flat surface onto which we apply your logo and key information. These signs are highly effective as they are relatively inexpensive, can be quite large and will last a long time.

Projecting Signs

Projecting wall signs hang from a bracket that is fixed to a wall. They are therefore at 90° to the wall. This means the sign faces the reader as they pass by the property. Thus, they are popular where people walk along pavements, in high footfall areas, as they can be easily seen. Projecting signs come in a range of styles and can add character to a property. They look great on older properties. These signs are also double sided so they can be seen from both directions.

Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs look really smart. The printed sign is behind a piece of acrylic (often referred to as Perspex) which gives a high-quality glossy feel. Coupled with attractive fixings on the corners that can allow the sign to sit slightly off the wall, these signs are often used by entrances to professional practices such as solicitors. One of the main features of acrylic signs is there durability. The tough acrylic is not easily broken and is weather resistant, making it the perfect form of outdoor signage.

Correx Signs

Correx is a corrugated plastic. Most commonly used as Estate Agency Signs. Correx advertising boards also work really well as temporary signage for advertising events. They are also low-cost and light weight, yet still strong.

Foamex Signs

Foamex is one of the most common types of signs. It is available in a number of thicknesses and can be used as permanent or temporary signage. 5mm & 10mm thicknesses are commonly used outdoors while 3mm is great for internal signage. Foamex sign boards are used regularly for events and are a great option for table plans. It looks great but is quick to produce. And also works well for hanging signs inside buildings.

Aluminium Composite Signs

Often referred by the brand name Dibond, aluminium composite is a very strong and long-lasting option for a range of signage. It is used for city and street signs and can also have channelling on the back to fix to posts. It is also really easy to fix to walls as Aluminium is quite soft and easy to drill through.

PVC Banner

Eyeletted banners are the most common form of temporary signage. These are great to advertise events and can be made to any size. They can be rolled up and transported easily. They can also last a long time, so can be used more permanently. They can also be changed on a regular basis, for example to advertise different products. Supermarkets use these large PVC banners in their car parks to advertise their latest offers. Larger banners can also be made using a mesh banner material which allows air to pass through. This makes them suitable for large installation such as on the side of tall buildings and on construction sites.


A flag can be very prominent. These are really popular for events and on forecourts. They can be portable and come in a range of sizes up to 5m high. They often pack into small bags for storage but stand out above the crowd. Our flag selector will help you choose the right size and shape of flag, as the well as the best base, for your needs.

Window Vinyl

Often windows take up a large part of a building’s frontage. There are a range of options for utilising this window space for signage and graphics. Window vinyl can create an etching effect and can also be used to create cut letters. Both of these allow the light through the windows for those inside. Etching can also create privacy. This is especially helpful where office desks are close to full length windows. A one-way vision material creates a full graphic from the outside but from the inside allows the users to see out and light to come in. Full window graphics can be applied to the inside or the outside of the window and can be printed on both sides to display something different depending on which side of the window you are on.

There are many more options for signs, this is just a taster of the most popular sign types. It is important to choose the right sign to achieve the best results.

At Soar Valley Press we can advise you on the right options for your situation and help you decide on the right sign for your needs. Call us today on 0116 2599955 or email discuss your needs.

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