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Why Direct Mail is Far From Dead: 9 Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

In an increasingly digital world, direct mail may seem like an outdated way to reach your target audience.

However, executing a direct mail campaign is still a fantastic way to grab the attention of your client’s and prospects in 2021.

In fact, 73% of people say they prefer to be contacted by direct mail because they can read it whenever they want (Epsilon).

Here are a few reasons why direct mail isn’t dead:

1. Direct mail has a high ROI

Notebooks showing Return on Investment.

Direct mail marketing campaigns offer a fantastic return on investment. With printed postcards and direct mail costing anything from between £0.30 and £5 per item, it’s an affordable way to get your business in front of your ideal clients.

2. Direct mail is highly targeted.

Targeting your customers using paid social media advertising is simple. But what if we told you it could be just as easy using direct mail?

Each of your postcard mailings can be targeted to reach a specific audience. Regardless of whether you want to target lapsed customers, new customers, prospects or people working in specific industries, direct mail makes it straightforward.

Nowadays, purchasable lists of consumer data extend far beyond just names and addresses. They now include details of professions, industry types and consumer behaviour. This allows marketers to target their ideal clients accurately and ensure that their mailing campaigns get results.

3. Direct mail is a great accompaniment to your digital marketing strategy.

Computer screen showing the results of a digital marketing campaign.

Great marketing strategies don’t just use one channel.

The best Marketers would consider using organic strategies, running Facebook Ads and using traditional print marketing to maximise their results.

The same goes for your direct mail campaigns! Incorporating direct mail with your online marketing can increase your customer loyalty, boost your response rates and enhance your marketing.

Sending out direct mail postcards with QR codes that link to your website, online company brochure or your free resources is a great way to take your clients and prospects online. You could also try following up your digital campaigns with a printed direct mail postcard – a great way to improve your response rates!

4. Direct mail marketing helps you stand out.

Direct mail 'We are Relocating' postcards.

Consumers are subject to receiving 121 emails per day, making it incredibly difficult to get noticed using email marketing.

The average household only receives 16 pieces of direct mail a week. With limited competition, direct mail makes it simple for you to stand out and get your brand noticed.

5. Direct mail is tangible and personal.

Contrary to popular opinion, many people enjoy receiving direct mail messages.

According to a study, by Epsilon, 59% of people agree with the statement ‘I enjoy getting postal mail from brands about new products.’

As it’s tangible, direct mail takes up space in your prospect’s homes and offices. It’s often kept and reached for when your prospects require your products/services.

Whereas, an email is easy to forget about and is often deleted as soon as it’s seen.

6. Direct mail is trackable.

A QR code being scanned on a piece of direct mail.

Many Marketers and Small Business Owners make the mistake of avoiding direct mail campaigns as it’s difficult to track the results.

Although a little more complex, the success of your direct mail campaigns is still easy to measure, when you know how.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Via your Website

The simplest way to track the success of your direct mail campaign is through your website. Creating campaign-specific landing pages and including the URL in your direct mail advertising campaigns will send people to your page. Tracking the number of people that visit your landing pages, using your website analytics, will tell you how successful your campaign has been.

Via Exclusive Offers

Everybody loves an offer! Adding a timely promotion is a great way to encourage an immediate response. Using unique discount codes allows you to keep track of the number of orders you get from your offer code.

Via your Enquires

Although less accurate, why not take note of the number of enquires you receive after sending your campaign? When contacted by a new lead, ask them where they heard about you from. This will make it simple and straightforward for you to measure your ROI.

Via QR Codes

QR Codes are scan-able codes that take users onto the desired landing page. Printing a QR code onto your direct mail postcards that links to your website, online company brochure or a free resource will allow you to track how many people took action after receiving your direct mail.

7. Direct mail campaigns are simple to execute

A leaflet advertising an Electrician's services.

Whilst all this talk of personalisation and targeting may seem confusing to most, planning a direct mail marketing campaign is simple!

Even a basic campaign, with a simple message and design, sent out to current client base could yield fantastic results.

8. Direct mail can be personalised.

Email marketing isn’t the only form of marketing that can be personalised. Direct mail can also be personalised to target your ideal clients. New digital print techniques have made it simple for you to use your client’s names, include personalised offers or even photographs tailored to your different buyer personas on your postcards. This increases your ROI and customer response rates!

9. Direct mail increases brand awareness.

A direct mail postcard advertising a sale.

Direct mail is tangible, meaning it’s often kept.

Kept on your client’s desks or pinned on their noticeboards at home. Every time they look at it, they see your company name, your logo and your product offering. So, even if they don’t take you up on your offer right away, when they require your product/service they’re more likely to remember you.

The rise in online marketing has only enhanced the power of direct mail campaigns! They make a fantastic accompaniment to your digital marketing or can harness just as much success when used on their own. In short, direct mail is far from dead.

So, will you be using direct mail in your next marketing campaign?

Start planning your campaign

Planning a direct mail campaign is simple and straightforward and can offer a fantastic return on investment for your company.

To find out more about how direct mail could work for you, don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 0116 259 9955 or email We’re always ready to get the conversation started.

Looking for more information?

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