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Why printing your Letterhead in Word just isn’t Good Enough

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Every piece of communication, that your business sends out, is a representation of your company. You wouldn’t design your business cards in Word, so why would you use it for your letterheads?

Printing your company letterheads in Word not only compromises on quality, but also diminishes the professionalism of your brand.

Ensure you don’t get caught out and check out our benefits of using professionally printed letterheads for your company.

1. Professionalism

Ensuring that you create a great first impression is essential for the growth of your business. Your business letterheads are likely to be seen by a number of prospective clients and thus it is vital that you get them professionally designed and printed.

Investing in professionally printed letterheads, not only sets your business apart from the competition, but also displays to your clients that you have put time and effort into your business communications. Showing them that you are professional, and ready to do business.

2. Consistent Branding

From your marketing collateral, to your proposals and business letters, all of your company communications should be easily identifiable as coming from you.

By printing your company letterheads on Word, you risk compromising on consistent branding. When designing and printing your corporate letterheads yourself, there is a much greater leeway for mistakes, especially if you are working as part of a franchise.

Having a professional, design and print your personalised letterheads, means that there is little room for error. And as this makes your brand easily identifiable, your business becomes all the more memorable to your clients and prospects.

3. Stand out from your competitors.

Quality is vital when it comes to producing your business communications. A professionally personalised letterhead could just be the difference between whether yourself or your competitor is assigned the job.

With many companies still ‘doing it themselves’, when it comes to office stationery, your premium company letterheads are bound to ensure your business stands out from the crowd and creates a lasting impression as an established and reliable supplier.

4. Letterheads are tangible

With more and more businesses going paperless, business letterheads are decreasing in popularity. Making them a fantastic way to ensure your business stands out from the crowd and creates a lasting impression.

Sending your clients a corporate letter that not only looks great, but also feels great, is a fantastic way to make a much greater impression than your competitors - who’s marketing emails end up lost and who’s letterheads are designed and printed unprofessionally, directly from Word.

5. They can communicate your USP!

Not only are professionally designed, personalised letterheads the perfect place to include your company logo and contact information, they’re also a fantastic place to communicate your USP to your potential clients.

With plenty of room, both at the top and bottom of your letter, it’s the perfect place to advertise some of your key marketing messages.

There are lots of benefits of using professionally designed letterheads to promote your business. They provide businesses with the opportunity to promote themselves, to increase the professionalism of their business, to maintain a positive reputation and also to maintain consistent branding across all of their marketing collateral. Making them a fantastic way to ensure your business appears official and ready to do business.

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