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Why Should You Send Corporate Christmas Cards?

We may be looking at Christmas without office parties, celebrations with friends and with no extended gatherings.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t still keep in touch with your clients and staff.

Sending customised Christmas cards is a festive tradition that isn’t going anywhere.

This year, we’ve seen an increased demand for branded Christmas cards and here’s why:

1. They offer a personal touch in a digital age

By now, we’re all used to seeing the same holiday greetings on social media. It’s all too easy to send a mass-message to all of your business contacts.

But, with a hand-written corporate Christmas card, you’re showing your clients and prospects that you care.

You’ve designed your own branded Christmas card, spent time writing a message and posted it by hand. Adding sentimental value and making a huge difference to how your prospects will view your business.

2. They provide great exposure for your business.

The earlier you send your Christmas cards, the longer they’re on display!

Sending your Christmas cards towards the end of November can ensure that they’re on your client’s desks for the entirety of the festive season. Making them a great way to increase your brand exposure.

3. They’re tangible.

Branded Christmas cards offer a physical presence in an isolated time.

Without the usual physical connection, a customised Christmas card provides the next best thing to reconnecting with your clients in person.

When you send a Christmas card in the post, you’re providing your clients with a physical experience and a reminder that you are thankful for their custom over the past year.

4. It shows your clients that you are real people.

In a time of virtual meetings, delivering customer service through emails and taking orders online, corporate Christmas cards can serve as a reminder that you’re a real business made of real people.

Writing a personalised note to your most important contacts is a great way to humanise your brand and add an individualized touch to your festive greetings.

5. They improve your customer loyalty.

Let’s be honest you don’t send a Christmas card to everybody you know.

A corporate Christmas card is a sign of a long-lasting relationship and is one that your clients will value. By showing your clients that you appreciate their business, they are much more likely to return and use your products/services in the new year.

Find out More

With Christmas being a little different this year, branded Christmas cards can provide you with the perfect way to ensure you’re still connecting with your clients.

Contact us by calling 0116 259 9955 or email . We’ll happily assist you in designing and printing your corporate Christmas cards for 2020.

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