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Why should you use PDFs within your business communications?

As marketing utilising social media becomes increasing crowded; how are you going to continue to reach your clients?

While it’s not possible to meet your prospects and clients in person there are ways to show your literature in a high quality format that everyone can read.

Professionally designed PDFs offer a fantastic opportunity to ensure you’re still getting your key messages in front of your prospects and are continuing to drive sales.

Here is our list of reasons why you should consider using PDFs to enhance your business communications:

1. Consistency

A professionally designed PDF’s universal format, means that it can be accessed by anyone, at any time.

Whether you’re using Windows or Mac, Android or iOS, you still receive the same seamless experience.

Sending out your marketing collateral, using a PDF format, will mean that all of your clients will receive a document that looks identical to the original.

Without any compromise on layout, text size, colour, or fonts, sending out a PDF version of your business communications, will ensure that you always create a great first impression.

A PDF can also be set to automatically open in full screen mode to provide the best viewing experience.

2. Links to your online content

PDFs are a great way to integrate your online and offline marketing strategies.

As PDFs support hyperlinks, you’re not confined to the use of just text and images.

When sending out a PDF flyer detailing your latest release, why not link to a YouTube video of you demonstrating the product, or a landing page on your website, where your prospects can get more information.

3. Interactive content

To create a fully interactive experience, a professionally designed PDF has a whole host of different interactive features. Meaning that a PDF’s capabilities, are much greater than that of a Word document.

Check buttons, radio-buttons, digital signature boxes and drop down menus with choices, to name just a few, make PDFs great for use as interactive forms. Making the process of asking for customer feedback or completing forms seamless.

A PDF can be integrated into your website as a download. This allows longer content to be viewed at leisure or to provide more technical information such as manuals and white papers. PDFs work great as lead generators on your website, offering free content to download when the prospect registers with you.

4. Can be used within conference calls

An expertly designed PDF’s ease of use, makes them great for use within Zoom calls.

Whether you’re in a meeting with your staff or clients, sharing your screen and going through your PDF is a great way to conveniently share your key business information.

5. They’re not likely to go away

Technology moves quickly, but PDFs aren’t likely to be going anywhere.

Their format is so widely used, within business communications, that it would take a huge technological advancement for everybody to adopt a different standard.

This means that by investing in professionally designed PDFs, you’re marketing collateral is likely to stand the test of time. Meaning that your clients can easily hold on to your important business documents, and access them for years to come.

In addition, you can continue to mail out the same PDF’s as your client database continues to grow.

6. Easily update your documents

After using your PDF literature for a while you may wish to change something or add a new product or service. Perhaps you have had feedback from clients and want to improve what you are offering. With a PDF it is a simple task to update the artwork and start using a new version.

Find out more

Our skilled team of Graphic Designers, can turn collateral that we have previously designed or printed for you, into a PDF with these features. Alternatively, we can also design new literature, for you, in a PDF format and of course we can always print them for you at a later date.

Contact us on 0116 259 9955 or email , to find out more.

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