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Why Should You Use Workbooks?

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Do you run courses? Are your attendees learning? Would they benefit from a personalised workbook to aid their training? Why don’t you check out our list of reasons why workbooks are the perfect addition to your courses:

1. Workbooks add Value

Personalised Workbooks are great to give to people who attend your course. Bound books are not only a successful teaching aid; they also provide your clients/learners with something that they can take away from your course and refer back to when needed.

2. Keeps Information Together

Workbooks are also great for keeping information in one place. We can produce a set of wire bound workbooks, one for each of the training courses you offer. Or, we can produce a single folder that allows your clients/learners to add work to the file as they attend more of your courses. Having all of this information in one place is valuable to your leaners, as it means they have a single point of reference, should they require it.

Having information kept together in one single, organised A4 booklet reduces the need for leaners to have multiple sheets of separate paper. Handing out separate sheets of paper at training courses is not only time consuming but is also less convenient for the attendee/learner. By handing out workbooks, the risk of losing separate sheets is significantly reduced. It allows learners to keep all the information together, simplifying the process of referring back to the work at a later date.

3. Save Time

As binded books store information in one place, they save time. Learners have a single point of reference that they can turn to, therefore, they know where to look when they have questions. Meaning that they can get answers more quickly, and thus save more time.

4. Easy to Write In

Wire bound training books are also easy to write in. They lay flat on the table meaning that they are convenient to look through and add notes to during training courses. This makes the process of completing any activities and adding information, during the course, simpler and thus more effective for the learner.

5. Large Number of Pages

Workbooks are also effective as they can collate a large number of pages into one booklet. This allows information from lengthy courses or training workshops to be collated into one place, keeping all of the information together.

Our workbooks are fully customisable meaning that they can be adapted to include as many or as few pages as you require and can be split into different sections to organise and make it easier to navigate large quantities of information.

Case Study

The Digital Growth programme is managed by East Midlands Chamber and provides a series of workshops that are designed to support businesses and help introduce them to new digital technology.

The programme is inclusive of a number of seminars and action-planning workshops that are designed to help SME’s develop skills with regards to how to handle new technology.

The programme, managed by East Midlands Chamber, needed a way to collate information that attendees had learnt during the course of the workshop. This was so learners had information that they could refer back to and take home after the workshop had finished.

At Soar Valley Press, we provided a solution to this problem by printing a number of Wire bound booklets for the East Midlands Chamber Digital Growth Programme. Each training course has its own work booklet which is handed out to all learners and trainees who participate in the course. The booklet contains a series of power point slides and useful notes that explain these slides to the learner. Each section of the booklet is separated by a title page and the programmes branding is reflected throughout. Spaces to write down additional notes are included throughout the booklet.

The wire bound booklets have allowed the Digital Growth Programme to provide their learners and attendees with information to follow through during the course of the workshop and to take home and refer back to after the workshop.

Why not contact us?

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