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Yule never guess what we've been eating...

This time last year, we were undertaking a very serious investigation…. taste-testing mince pies! This year, we’ve been forcing ourselves to eat Chocolate Yule Logs in order to help you shop wisely for entertaining your mother-in-law and Auntie Hilda on Christmas Day.

Here’s the brands we tested:- Asda Extra Special Hand Finished Belgian Chocolate Yule Log £3.00 Tesco Chocolate Yule Log £1.00 Sainsburys Chocolate Log Pile £5.00 Cadbury’s Triple Chocolate Yule Log £3.00 (on offer £1.50) Marks & Spencer Chocolatey Yule Log £1.75 Waitrose Belgian Chocolate Yule Log £6.00

We rated all of the Yule Logs on taste, appearance, packaging, swirl, value and chocolate factor. We soon came to realise that the cheapest was not always the best value - and the best value is exactly what we aim to give all our clients.

The most expensive Yule Log came from Waitrose so we had high hopes for this one. However it failed to deliver with plain packaging and very sickly chocolate, most of us couldn’t finish our slice! (Even Bryan). At £6.00 we felt this was definitely one to avoid. Last place for Waitrose.

Tesco's Yule Log was good value for £1.00 and tasted okay although cheap and cheerful. Nothing special here. Fifth place.

If you’re on a tight budget this year, the Cadbury Yule Log was a bargain, but we did get it on offer for £1.50 (normally £3.00). Tasted delicious and scored highly across the board. Cadbury’s Log came in at fourth place.

Marks & Spencer's Yule Log was also well-priced and although it scored poorly for appearance, it had a good flavour. A dissapointingly low third place.

Sainsbury's Yule Log scored very highly with attractive appearance and a refreshingly different seven seperate tasty swirls. We really liked this idea and Sainsburys came in at a well-deserved 2nd place.

And in 1st place and the one to impress your mother-in-law? Has to be Asda's Extra Special Yule Log. The box and log looked attractive, was a good size and tasted delicious. Great value for money and mouth-watering to look at. Interestingly, Asda also produced the best mince pies last year too…

Remember that the cheapest price does not always give you the best value for money. And when everyone’s full of turkey and christmas pudding, snoozing on the settee after the Queen’s Speech, you’ll realise that no-one has room for the Chocolate Yule Log anyway…. #christmas


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