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Print essentials for schools & colleges

Do you find organising design and print to be an added burden?

At Soar Valley Press, we understand that producing print-based literature for your school may just be another task to complete in your already busy schedule.

Working hard to meet your demanding deadlines, we will ensure your print is just right for your needs, allowing you to focus on your core responsibilities within your

school or college.


A Simple and

Stress-free Process

Save Time and 


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Everything you need

all in one place

What do you find difficult about design and print?


Are you tired of your printer not delivering on time?


Do you wish you had more time to focus on your core responsibilities within your school?


Do you struggle to work to your demanding deadlines?


Do you find organising design and print for your school an added 


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"Huge thanks to Soar Valley Press, who have supported us with numerous publications and banners so far! They are great and the students and families love them."

- Headteacher, The Kibworth School, Leicester

Do you need to advertise your virtual open day?

We can help you with designing, printing and distributing leaflets, flyers and branded merchandise to your local area. Advertise with our signage for your school or college perimeter, and ask us to help you send out packs to those who attend your virtual events. 


We can assist you with designing and printing: in Leicester

And much more!

Trusted by many schools and colleges in Leicester and beyond:

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Kensington Academy of English
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Beaumont Leys School.png
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