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Are you looking for the perfect way to spread the hygiene message?

Look no further than our wide range of signage and safety products, perfect for ensuring your staff and clients are protected.

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Help stop the spread....

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Fully customisable to fit your own branding, customised microfibre face masks are perfect for giving to all of your employees to ensure that everybody stays safe and protected as we look to overcome the virus.

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Branded hand sanitiser

Perfect for placing on counter tops at your retail outlet, these barriers are essential for ensuring your staff can handle transactions safely. 

Available in a standard size of 100ml, this anti-bacterial hand gel can be fully customised, with full colour print, to represent your branding. Perfect for keeping around your office or

place of work! 

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Vinyl floor graphics

Floor graphic stickers are the perfect way to  reinforce important hygiene or social distancing messages. Supplied with a self-adhesive backing, they’re easy to stick to any type of flooring – including outside

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Pull up Banners

Pull up banners are fantastic for spreading the message on a large scale! Displaying them in your place of work is great for encouraging you staff and clients to practice good hygiene.


Hygiene Strut Cards

Hygiene and social distancing strut cards are a space efficient way to attract urgent attention. They’re sure to catch eyes from all angles and ensure the wellbeing of your customers

and staff.  

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PVC banners

PVC Banners are wipe clean and perfect for getting the message across on a large scale. They're a fantastic premium, temporary signage option.

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Hygiene posters are great for displaying near wash stations or in bathrooms. Available in a wide variety of sizes and finishes, including wipeable, they are fantastic for encouraging good hygiene.



Hygiene signage is fantastic for displaying around your place of work. They're fantastic for use in restaurant and hotel bathrooms and kitchens.

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Social Distancing tape



Acrylic Screens

and dividers

Social distancing floor tape, is the perfect budget-friendly way to encourage social distancing on your premises.

Easy to assemble barrier guards are a great social distancing solution for guarding against possible risk in your classroom or place of work.

Clear acrylic screens and dividers are great for shielding your staff from potential exposure.

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