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The Ultimate Guide to Creating your 2022 Branded Calendar

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

With 2022 fast approaching, now is the perfect time to start designing and printing your branded 2022 calendars.

Whether they’re for corporate gifting, resale or Christmas presents for your staff, customised 2022 calendars present a great way to get your brand noticed as you head into the new year.

To make things simple and straightforward for you, we’ve put together this handy guide. Detailing everything you need to know about branded 2022 calendars: from creative design ideas to printing and distribution.

Wall calendar on a wall next to a desk and computer.

What are the benefits of 2022 branded calendars?

1. Increase your brand exposure.

Branded desktop calendars offer year-round brand exposure. They are often placed in plain sight on your client’s desks, reminding them of your business 365 days a year.

2. Branded Calendars are useful.

Although technology means that a lot of our diaries have moved online, nothing beats hanging a calendar on your wall so that it’s in view at all times. They’re perfect for recording business appointments as well as serving reminders for school holidays and birthdays.

3. Promotional Calendars can be used in many locations

A branded calendar can be used in many different locations, not just your client’s business premises. They’re great for displaying in schools, libraries, community centres etc. Making them great for getting your brand in front of a wider audience.

4. Cost-effective

Branded calendars and wall planners are affordable. They’re much cheaper than newspaper, radio or television ads – and they last longer. Whereas a newspaper advertisement can simply be flipped past, a branded calendar will be on your client’s business premises 365 days a year.

What are the different types of branded calendars?

2021 wall planner.

Desktop calendars are the perfect addition to any workspace. They’re great for ensuring your clients’ 2022 appointments, and your brand, are remembered.

Branded desktop calendars can be filled with the standard monthly grid, or it could be presented alongside an image or graphic that represents your brand.

Printed desktop calendars offer a great opportunity to experiment with different paper stocks and textures as they are often handled more than a wall planner. Desktop calendars are also supplied in a handy plastic casing making them easy to store and display.

Branded wall planners are a practical and effective way to prepare for 2022.

Printed with a year-to-view format they are a great tool for helping your clients plan in advance.

Customised wall planners can be printed onto a wide variety of paper stocks at sizes A3, A2 and B2. They include plenty of space to incorporate your own branding, meaning they are guaranteed to keep your brand firmly at the forefront of your client’s minds throughout the year.

3. Customised Wall Calendars

Customised Wall Calendars are the perfect way to brighten up your client’s home or office space in 2022.

With a large space at the top of each page for customisation, wall calendars are great for personalising with seasonal company photos, top tips related to your business or your corporate branding.

Branded wall calendars can be printed either A4 or A3 onto 250gsm silk, and are finished with strong wire binding and a sturdy backing to ensure they keep their shape.

Top tips for designing your branded calendar

London wall calendar.

1. Decide on a theme for your calendar

If you look around, most calendars have a theme that appeals to people’s interests. Designing your calendar in line with your business is a great way to appeal to your target audience, and keep your brand at the forefront of your client’s mind.

For example, if you’re a landscape Gardener, you could include some pictures of gardens that you’ve recently created or if you’re a Social Media Manager you could include a new social media tip for every month.

2. Make it seasonal

If you’re designing a branded wall calendar, you may be finding it difficult to find twelve different images to create. Using landmarks throughout the year such as Easter, Christmas, Autumn, Winter etc. is a great way to ensure your design is relevant and interesting.

3. Incorporate your branding

Above all else, your branded calendar is a promotional marketing tool, so it’s important to make it look like once. Using your company logo, colours and branding on every page is a great way to ensure your calendar is recognisable as coming from you.

4. Include important dates

Calendars are frequently used, not only to check the date but also to make note of important dates and appointments. To ensure your calendar appeals to your target audience, you’ll want to do a bit of research surrounding which dates are relevant to them.

For example, if you’re creating a branded calendar for education, think of term dates and inset days, or if you’re creating a charity calendar, why not include the important fundraising events that you support.

Including your company’s key dates and upcoming events, on your branded calendar is a great way to ensure your clients and prospects take advantage of your sales and exclusive offers.

5. Feature promotions

Another great way to make use of the space in your calendar is to include a promotional code. This could be a seasonal offer in the run-up to Christmas or a limited-time discount to say thank you to your clients throughout the year.

Top Tip: Ensure you provide an exclusive discount code alongside your offer. Asking your clients to quote this code, when they make a purchase from you, is a great way to help you track how successful your calendar has been as a promotional tool.

How to distribute your branded calendars

Branded wall calendar.

Once you’ve designed and ordered your branded promotional calendars, you will need to decide on a distribution strategy.

Here are just a few ideas, to get you started:

1. Direct handouts

Handing out your branded wall calendars, personally, is one of the best ways to form valuable relationships with your clients.

Reaching out to your top clients, and thanking them with a free gift is a great way to improve your customer loyalty as you head into 2022.

2. Include them in your orders.

Including a branded desktop calendar with every order that you ship in November and December is a great way to encourage repeat custom.

Studies have shown that 90% of free gift receivers were likely to buy more frequently from an online retailer after receiving a free gift (Harris Interactive).

3. Plan a direct mail campaign

Planning a direct mail campaign, with your customised desktop calendars, is a great way to reach a targeted audience. Creating a list of your top clients, prospects and individuals who haven’t purchased from you in a while can help you re-engage your customer base and encourage them to purchase from you in 2022.

4. Trade Shows and Events

Trade shows, exhibitions and events are a great place to hand out your branded calendars.

There is a consistent footfall of potential customers who are likely to be interested in what your brand can offer them. Giving away branded calendars acts as the perfect conversation starter and can encourage more prospects to visit your store.

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