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Your one-stop guide to flyers and leaflets

Flyers and leaflets are the perfect way to generate more business. Their low-cost makes them great for promoting your events, products or services.

If designed well, they’re fantastic for ensuring your brand is remembered. In fact, 45% of people who receive them are likely to keep hold of them, or pin them on their noticeboards (Data & Marketing Association, 2016).

To help you get to grips with the basics, we’ve put together this handy one-stop, guide. Detailing everything you need to know about writing marketing copy, designing, printing, and distributing your leaflets and flyers.

Two folded leaflets


1. What are the benefits of leaflets and flyers?

2. Top tips for writing effective copy for your leaflets and flyers

3. Top design tips for getting your leaflets and flyers noticed

4. Finding the right leaflet for you

5. How to distribute your flyers and leaflets

1. What are the benefits of leaflets and flyers?

Cost –effective

Leaflets and flyers offer a fantastic return on investment.

Their small unit cost makes it simple for small and medium businesses to promote their brand with limited expense.

As the cost of digital advertising continually increases, this traditional form of marketing remains one of the cheapest, and most direct, ways to attract new clients.

Plenty of space for information

Unlike with digital marketing, you are not limited to the confines of a word count. Multi-page leaflets provide you with the perfect opportunity to get all of your key-messages across to your potential clients.

Top-Tip: Be careful not to overload your leaflets with information. Your prospects will be much more likely to take notice of you messaging if it is well-designed, clear and concise.

Visually pleasing

A well-designed leaflet has the benefit of being visually enticing.

With a wide-variety of different fold options and customisation, to suit your own branding, they are certain to grab the attention of your prospects, allowing you to exceed your marketing goals.


No matter how much of your marketing budget is dedicated to digital advertising, nothing beats the tangible nature of a customised flyer.

In fact, 73% of people said that they prefer advertising through corporate flyers and direct mail, than through their digital counterparts, due to their physical nature.

2. Top tips for writing effective copy for your leaflets and flyers

A gate fold menu

When it comes to creating effective leaflets and flyers, content is king.

Your flyers should be clear and concise, to ensure you get all of your key information across to your recipients.

When writing your copy, here are some key points to remember:

Start with an attention-grabbing headline

Arguably, your headline is the most important element of your marketing leaflet or flyer. Ensuring it grabs attention, is vital for ensuring that the rest of your content doesn’t get lost.

Potential ideas for a striking headline include:

· Highlighting the biggest benefit you can bring to your clients.

· Using the words ‘how’ or ‘how to’ to show that your content will be useful.

· Drawing attention to your latest offer.

· Asking a simple question that you know your readers will want the answer to.

Brainstorming ideas and taking time to ensure your heading is just right, is key to making sure your flyer makes a BIG impression.

Get straight to the point

Clarity is key, if you want to ensure your leaflet really sells your product/service or event.

Ensure your tone of voice clearly reflects your branding, and make sure you don’t bore the reader with long blocks of text. Break up paragraphs with short, sub-headings and use bullet points to draw attention to key points.

Above all, avoid industry-specific jargon and write using plain English. Confusing your reader won’t sell!

Focus on your USPs

Why should somebody do business with you, over your competitors?

As selfish as it seems, your reader will always want to know, what’s in it for them? By referring to your USPs you’ll be sure to answer this question and show potential clients that your business has something worth shouting about.

Sell the destination, not the plane

Customers barely make decisions based on the features of a product. By referring to how the product is going to benefit them in the long-run, they’ll be much more likely to reach a purchase-decision,

For example:

· If you’re selling a bed, you’re selling your client a good night’s sleep.

· If you offer marketing services, you’re selling the opportunity for your client’s to grow their business.

Include a call to action

It’s important that you ensure your prospects are aware of what they need to do next. Being as clear and direct as possible, using phrases such as ‘visit us at..’ ‘contact us on…’.

Top tip: If you’re including a special offer, use a code unique to your flyers. This will make it much easier to track the success of your campaign, by counting the number of individuals who get in contact with you using that code.

3. Top design tips for ensuring your leaflets and flyers get noticed

A woman being handed a leaflet and flyer

A creative, well-designed flyer could be the difference between you or your competitors landing the job. Your flyers will need an attractive design that is readable, professional and engaging.

Here, we will run through just a few of our top tips, to see more, click here.

Use one big picture

Using one single image, rather than several smaller images, is much more striking and leaves you with more space to work your copy around.

Ensuring your photograph and logos are off high quality, is vital for ensuring your collateral looks professional. Where possible, it’s usually better to use your own unique photo, rather than stock imagery.

Make your headline bigger and ensure that it’s snappy

Don’t use too many words, a bigger point size will make it stand out and a short sentence will be more memorable.

Use a special finish

Using spot UV or soft touch lamination, on your marketing flyer, creates a tactile effect that is sure to be remembered.

Your corporate flyer doesn’t need to be a rectangle either! Why not consider an unusual shape, that reflects your key product offering?

Don’t overcrowd your design

Keeping the design of your leaflet simple, is vital for ensuring that it is noticed. Overcrowding your design with lots of colours, different fonts and too many pictures will only distract the reader from the key information that you want to get across.

Stick to your brand’s colour palette and font, and ensure that your layout is consistent with the way you brand yourself everywhere else.

5. Finding the right leaflet for you

A stack of leaflets and flyers

With a wide variety of different leaflet folds, it can be difficult to find the one that right for you and your project. From gate folds for mailing to concertina folds for menus, whatever type of business you have, there’s a type of folded leaflet for you.

4PP Folded Leaflets

This is the simplest type of fold, where the sheet if folded once in the middle. They prove you with 4 pages for information. These marketing leaflets are perfect for presenting information in a chronological order, making them great for including a list of your main services.

6PP Roll Fold Leaflets

This type of fold is where each page folds in on itself. An A4 sheet is usually folded inwards and then folded in again, to produce a 6 page leaflet.

6PP Concertina Fold Leaflets

A concertina fold leaflet, also known as a Z-Fold. These leaflets have 6 pages of equal size. Concertina leaflets can be folded out to create one long document, perfect for allowing information to run from one page onto the next.

8PP Gate Fold Leaflets

Gate fold leaflets typically have two parallel folds, the left and right sides are folded inwards, so that they meet in the middle. When unfolded, these sides reveal a larger panel underneath.

8PP Cross Fold Leaflets

A cross fold leaflet allows a large printed sheet to be reduced in size, simply by folding it several times. The end result produces a leaflet with 8 sections.

12 PP Map Fold Leaflets

A map fold leaflet allows a large printed sheet to be reduced in side simple by folding it several times. The end result produced a leaflet with 12 sections. A map is a great example of this kind of leaflet.

As each project is unique, and may require a specific shape or fold, it’s impossible to list every available variation. Don’t hesitate to call or email a member of our team on 0116 259 9955 or, for advice tailored specifically to your needs.

5. How to distribute flyers and leaflets

A man distributing flyers in his neighbourhood

There are a number of different ways to distribute your flyers and leaflets, to ensure they get into the hands of your ideal clients. Here we’ll run through just a few of our favourites.


Door dropping is a classic way to get leaflets and flyers into the hands of your prospects – via their letterboxes.

Some 60.5% of people say that they would read a leaflet that was posted through their door (Direct Marketing Association, 2016).

Top Tip: When handing out leaflets, in this way, it is vital you consider your location. Where does your ideal client live?

For example, if you’re looking to target students it might be worth door-dropping in areas with a high population of students, i.e. near university buildings.

Face to Face

Delivering your leaflets face to face is a great way to ensure your prospects receive your marketing collateral. In addition, it means that your sales representatives are on-hand to answer any questions.

When handing out flyers directly it is important to consider timing. What time of day would your ideal client be hanging around? For example, if you want to target business professionals, handing out branded leaflets in the centre of town on a Tuesday afternoon probably won’t get you very far.


Depending on the goods/services you’re are offering, sending out your leaflets and flyers to other local business may be a good place to start.

Distributing leaflets to public places such as local libraries, doctor’s surgeries, and community centres could be a great way to get your message seen by local people. Many of these places will have community noticeboards where they can advertise your event or offerings.

Find out more

Now you’re an expert on flyers and leaflets, you’re ready to get started! Click here, to find out more about the flyers and leaflets we offer. Or, get in contact with us on 0116 259 9955 or email, to place your order, today!


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