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What will salons and spas need to do to re-open safely?

Although it is still uncertain when spas and beauty salons will be allowed to re-open, Government advice has suggested that hairdressers will be able to reopen on the 4th July, provided that they adhere to new guidance to protect shoppers and workers.

However, this is likely to be met with an inevitable degree of concern as we look for ways in which the hair and beauty industry can continue to trade, whilst keeping their customers and staff safe.

To make thing simple and straightforward for you, we’ve listed a few ways that you can let your customers know about your re-opening and also implement measures to ensure that your beauty outlet is COVID-19 secure, ahead of re-opening.

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1. Advertise your re-opening

Clear temporary signage is a great way to tell your customers that you’re back open for business. Placing A-Frames or a PVC banner outside your beauty outlet is sure to attract the attention of passers-by and get your customers back through your doors.

If you’ve changed your opening hours, or have altered the way that your business is operating, signage could be a great way to advertise this.

Implementing a direct mail campaign is another fantastic way to let your customers know your back open for business. Sending out flyers or postcards to your client base is a fantastic way to encourage them to book an appointment, ahead of your re-opening.

2. Hand Washing and Sanitising

Encouraging effective hand washing and sanitising, within your shop, is vital to help stop the spread of the virus.

Placing hand sanitising dispensers at the entrance/exits to your shop is a great way to encourage people to sanitise, as they enter and again when they leave. Handwashing posters can also be placed, around your premises, advising people to adhere to your policies and also to demonstrate the correct hand washing technique.

To ensure your staff are also adequately protected, make sure they are washing their hands, for at least 20 seconds, frequently throughout their shifts. Distributing flyers or leaflets, or displaying posters, in staff areas, that are informative could be an effective way to achieve this.

3. Social Distancing in your Beauty Outlet

There are many ways that you can encourage social distancing within your beauty outlet.

To reduce the risk of transmission, why not consider utilising clear banner screens or acrylic dividers to separate your chairs and beauty stations.

Using purpose-built arrow stickers, to convey a single direction to different areas of your salon can also help your customers maintain a social distance, and ensure they are protecting themselves and others.

Roller banners provide a clear and effective method of communicating vital health advice. They’re great for placing throughout your beauty outlet to indicate the procedures you have in place to protect your customers.

4. Ensuring a safe checkout process

Utilising cough guards or installing acrylic screens, at your payment counter, is vital for ensuring that you protect your team members.

Cough guards are a fantastic way to protect both parties from exposure, whilst also allowing transactions to be handled safely.

In addition, displaying strut cards in prominent places is a great way to advertise that you will only be taking contactless payments during this time. Ensuring a safer checkout process for both your staff and clients.

5. Staff and customer Safety

Government guidelines state that customers and staff must now wear face masks at all times.

Supplying your employees with branded face masks or a plastic face shield is a great way to effectively protect them from potential exposure. Not only this, but it also reassures your customers that you are implementing Government guidelines to ensure their safety, whilst on your premises.

For the latest Government advice and Coronavirus support visit the Government website:

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Implementing social distancing measures, and following Government guidelines, is vital for ensuring we keep our workforce safe and can re-open our shops with confidence. To find out more about the COVID-19 signage and safety products we offer, click here. Or, click here to download our brochure and price list.

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