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How to Make your own Funeral Order of Service Booklet [With Example]

Creating a funeral order of service is the perfect way to commemorate the life of your loved one. When done effectively, it makes a great keepsake for family and friends.

But, with just over a week until the funeral, how do you go about putting together your own order of service booklet?

Here’s everything you need to know about designing and printing a funeral order of service booklet.

What is an order of service booklet?

An order of service details the schedule of events for ceremonies and services, including weddings, christenings and funerals. It is usually a short booklet or folded page of A4.

They are handed out to friends and family members on the day or posted to those who can’t attend. Order of services often includes the words to hymns and details of any readings so that guests can follow the service.

Friends and family members often want to keep their order of service booklet as a souvenir from the day. Therefore, it’s worth having your order of service booklet professionally designed and printed.

What should you include in your order of service?

Order of service booklets are usually A5 size (148 mm x 210 mm). The front cover includes information about the date and time of the event, the venue address, the name of the person, and their date of birth. A photograph of the person is also commonly added to the front cover.

A typical order of service booklet will include:

- Details about the person who has died.

- A schedule for the service.

- Tributes.

- Hymns and their lyrics.

- The names of any readings and poems.

- Details of the funeral wake.

- A note of thanks to the guests that have attended.

How should you structure a funeral order of service?

When it comes to order of service booklets, no two are the same! Here’s a recommended structure to get you started:

Front Cover

- The full name of the person who has died e.g A Celebration for the Life of Dr Lucy Ann Unna PhD.

- Their date of birth and date of death.

- The date, time, and location of their funeral service and wake.

- A short line or epitaph in their memory.

- A photograph of the deceased, or a neutral image such as flowers.

Inside Pages

Your Schedule of the Day

The first pages, inside your order of service, are dedicated to the schedule of the day. This will tell your guests what to expect. A simple list format is perfect for your schedule of the day. It should include:

- The name of the entrance song.

- Welcome introduction from your community leader or speaker.

- Any songs and hymns that will be played and sung during the service (with lyrics).

- The names of any readings and poems, including who will be giving them.

- Eulogy.

- The committal and blessing.

- The name of your closing music.

Make sure you confirm the outline of service with the ceremony director before your order of service goes to print.

Personal Touches (Optional).

The next few pages can share additional information about the person who has died. This may include:

- Photos of the deceased.

- A timeline of their life and significant events.

- Sentiments from close family and friends.

- Sayings they often used.

Final Page

The last page of your funeral order of service is usually kept simple. You might want to include:

- Details of the funeral wake.

- A thank you message for the guests that attended.

- A photograph of the deceased, showing a different side to their character than the ones you’ve used earlier.

- An invitation to donate money towards a charity in memory of the person who has died.

Here is some example wording for the back of your order of service:

The family would like to thank you for attending and appreciate your kind messages of condolence.

If you so wish, donations in memory of [name] will go to [charity].

Refreshments will be held at [location] to which you are warmly invited.

How to choose a photograph for your funeral order of service

A photograph of your loved one is often included on the front cover of your order of service booklet. It’s best practice to choose a photo where your loved one is the main subject.

The photograph you choose should encapsulate the personality of the person who has died. You could opt for a photo of them in their younger years or a more recent photograph.

If you have more than one photo, you can always add these to the back pages of your order of service booklet.

If possible, ensure your images are at 300dpi. This will make sure your images are high-quality when sent to the printer.

What size should my order of service be?

Depending on how much information your order of service will include, you could choose anything from a folded piece of A4 to a multi-page A5 booklet with as many as 8 or 12 pages.

With extra space, you’ll be able to include more photographs that represent every aspect of the deceased.

Which paper should I choose for my order of service?

The paper you choose depends on the style of your booklet. Whilst a lightweight booklet may keep the costs down, a booklet with heavier weight will last longer and feel better quality.

As a general rule of thumb, most funeral order of services are printed onto 160gsm (a medium-weight paper), with a 250gsm cover.

How to organise the printing of your order of service

Once you’ve decided on the content for your order of service, it’s worth having it professionally printed. A professionally printed order of service is high-quality and can be kept as a token of remembrance for years to come.

Many printers, like us, can advise you of the right paper stock, paper type and even help you with the design of your order of service booklet.

Top design tips for a great order of service

- Keep your design simple and uncluttered.

- Use clear, legible fonts.

- Use high-quality photographs.

- Pick a single style. Try not to alternate between different fonts and colour schemes.

Example order of service

Find out more

It’s not easy to stay organised and arrange a funeral during a difficult time. However, designing and printing your order of services shouldn’t be something to stress over.

At Soar Valley Press, we’re experienced in designing and printing funeral order of services that put together a physical reminder of a celebrated life that you can treasure for years to come.

Contact us by calling 0116 259 9955 or email to find out more about our funeral order of service design and printing service.


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