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The Top Promotional Gift Ideas for Christmas 2021

How can you show your customers just how much you value their business?

Not only do branded Christmas gifts show your staff and clients just how much you care but, they’re also a fantastic way to keep your business top of mind throughout the festive season.

If you’re unsure where to start with your promotional Christmas gifts, here are a few client gift ideas to build your brand loyalty as you head into 2022.

1. Bespoke Christmas Cards

With millions of Christmas cards sent every year, how will you ensure yours stand out from the crowd?

Adding your logo, branding or, your own custom design to your festive greetings cards is a brilliant way to add a personal touch.

Customised Christmas cards are perfect for sending to your current client list or to those you haven’t connected with in a while.

Top tip: Handwriting your corporate Christmas cards is an extra-special way to show your clients you appreciate them. Producing handwritten cards takes time and effort, showing your clients that you’ve gone the extra mile.

2. Branded Chocolate Advent Calendars

Do you have a client with a sweet tooth? Branded advent calendars are a tasty way for your customers to count down to Christmas.

Customisable chocolate advent calendars can be personalised with a bespoke design on six sides and include delicious, individually shrink-wrapped chocolates.

Seasonal promotional gifts are a great way to show your clients that you have put time and effort into choosing a suitable promotional item and are perfect for providing brand exposure throughout the entire festive period.

Limited qualities of bespoke chocolate advent calendars are available. Order soon to avoid disappointment and guarantee delivery before December.

3. Branded 2022 Calendars

Customised 2022 wall calendars, planners and desk calendars are perfect for ensuring you and your clients stay organised as we head into 2022.

Cost-effective and practical, branded calendars are perfect for obtaining consistent brand exposure, 365 days a year!

Top tip: Why not use each page of your bespoke 2022 calendar to highlight the different products/services you offer. Providing a discount code each month, or including information about one of your products/services, is a great way to showcase what you do.

4. Branded Chocolate Boxes

Perfect for chocolate lovers, branded chocolate boxes are a great way to personalise your client’s favourite sweet treats.

With plenty of space to include your own custom design or branding, they’re a great way to create a unique gift that’s personal to your business.

The finishing touches

When it comes to festive print, presentation is everything! So ensure your festive gifts look the part with bespoke festive wrapping.

1. Personalised Christmas Crackers

Get the festive season off to a cracking start with branded Christmas crackers.

With plenty of room inside for small Christmas gifts and jokes, they are perfect for handing out to your clients and staff throughout December.

Top Tip: Why not tailor the gifts inside your bespoke Christmas crackers to the company or individual you are gifting them to? This is a great way to ensure your gifts are relevant, making your clients feel valued.

2. Customised Wrapping Paper

Almost as important as the gift itself, is the way that it’s wrapped!

With branded gift wrap, you can lay rest assured that no other gift under the tree will be wrapped quite like yours.

Printed onto premium paper stock, bespoke wrapping paper can be customised to include your own design, a great way to showcase your creativity or to keep your Christmas gifts on-brand.

3. Branded Gift Boxes

Take the stress out of wrapping your corporate Christmas gifts with branded gift boxes!

Personalised gift boxes can be customised with your company logo, a bespoke design, photos, patterns and more, making them a great way to ensure no gift under the tree looks quite like yours.

Get started with your Christmas gratitude marketing campaign.

Christmas can be a busy and stressful time for small business owners and marketers. By planning and preparing your Christmas marketing campaigns early, you can overcome these challenges and ensure your business thrives during the holiday season.

To find out more about how print could help your Christmas gratitude campaigns stand out from the crowd, don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 0116 259 9955 or email

Or, to see our full range of festive Christmas print, click here.


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